Saturday, June 16, 2012

change the world tour

These are our friends in AllBecameNew

let me tell you about these guys.
theyre pretty rad.
they are a hard core punk/metal band.
they love Jesus.
they love Jesus so much that they live it.

Right now they are on tour, they all quit their regular jobs as carpenters, roofers, cooks, employees at the video store, Etc. and took off in a van to go as far as the Dakotas (that is about a 2 day drive from here) to play shows and infiltrate the bars and punk rock shows for the glory of God. theyre eating with the sinners and the tax collectors.

they all have comfortable beds here at home, some have wives, at home they eat well.
on tour, they have no steady income, they crash on couches or in the van, they probably eat a lot of Taco Bell, if i had to guess i would say they probably have friendly competition on whose gas is the most eye-wateringly smelly.

I personally know 2 members of this band, we support them financially as well as  with our prayers.

 they remind me of the early church, people who will drop anything and everything when the opportunity to serve God and spread the Gospel arises, who will give all they have for His glory.
yesterday they showed Gospel centered love to a group of homeless, last week they helped a fellow rocker to come to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

im not saying this because i want you to think Sam and Danny and the rest of the guys are super cool (although i think they are), im telling you because it is encouraging to me, to see that in this pseudo-christian society, there are people who will do whatever they have to to further the Kingdom of The One True God.
it is encouraging to see people loving other people, people who are lost, people who are hopeless, people who know pain and suffering, people that a lot of  "church people" wont go near.

you can find All Became New on Facebook if you want to see what theyre up to day by day.
i would encourage you to pray for them.

you can also support them by buying their album from ITunes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

free fun!

what you need:
a water bottle with the bottom cut off
a piece of a terry cloth rag
a rubber band
dish soap
a stick

attatch the rag to the bottom of the bottle with the rubber band
 dip the bottle in the dish soap solution
 blow the bubbles
hit the bubbles with a stick