Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my walking tour (raise your hand if you want to live here!)

iron scroll on the schofield house
a table garden, located on second street, which i have always found interesting 

these last two are both of the lanier mansion "the jewel in madison's crown" it is touted. we took the tour of the home while my parents were visiting, it was awesome
so raise your hand if you want to live here! (the town i mean, not the mansion.)

Monday, July 28, 2008

my failure

see this outfit? i cannot get the boy to wear this! and he is so not picky about his clothes. i did trick him into wearing it ONE time i waited until we were about to walk out the door the got him dressed quickly and talked to him the whole time so he wouldnt realize what he was wearing until it was too late but he was so cute.
 he absolutely refuses any further attempt i have made at putting these shorts on him.

 anyone want a pair of 3t shorts,... only been worn once  :(

Saturday, July 26, 2008

mudcat pottery

we stopped in to mudcat pottery during the art jam on friday night. after marveling at all the beautiful colors and designs we were treated to a demonstration by mrs. y, the creator this oiginal, unique pottery.
i love this tray!

Friday, July 25, 2008

my accomplishment

i have had this ever since i can remember. shes had a ripped seam for 25 years and today she got repaired! if she could speak she would say " YAY", either that or  "its about dang time"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

my current fave

who is loving this song like i am?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my surplus

do you see this! what am i going to do with this much squash and zuchini? im gonna be a zuchini bread making fool. these came from my co worker jim's wifes garden, she plants a ton every year and if we dont take what he brings then he throws them in the compost heap! i couldnt bear to see any of these wonderful veggies wasted so i took them all(after everyone else had a chance of course). now i have to figure out what to do with them all. im not kidding when i say i have a whole laundry basket full.

so...anyone want some veggies?

Monday, July 21, 2008

we have been so busy since thursday you wouldnt even believe it. we took these pics on thursday at circle monument in indianapolis, then after an hour or so of fun dragged the boy off to see daddys new school where he was forced to endure an hour and a half of shushing and being grabbed by the arm and made to walk,not run down the hall to the potty. 
he did do his very best to follow directions though and although he was threatened with a swat when he started getting an attitude (yep, folks i swat my kid on the bottom when he needs it) he straightened up and it didnt have to come to that.then daddy went to sit in on a class and then came the exciting part we got to walk around k-mart for and hour. fun stuff, actually i love looking at all the martha inspired stuff they carry. the boy was enamored with a reclining foldable lawn chair (why do i even buy toys?) and fussed when it was time to pick up daddy, but  he was hungry and the promise of lemonade and a tortilla (?) got him moving.
friday, i went and got a Ds teen babysitter and spent the day running errands. saturday, i dont even know where that went!  but i baked zuchini bread and then yesterday, it was time to tackle the laundry mountain, scrape the remaining wallpaper off the bathroom walls (thanks honey) and go to a kids first birthday party (hey at least they fed us) so crazy weekend! oh and i forgot went to biglots and found a rug that i loved, it matched nothing in my house but it would match liz's  curtains perfectly. 

Thursday, July 17, 2008

my mountain

this after noon we are on our way to indy to check out the  crossroads bible college where my other half will be spending one night a week for the next 2 years earning his bachelors in ministry and leadership.  the intent is to focus on gaining the knowledge and skills it will require to lead a ministry focused on folks who have never had church as a part of their lives or who stopped attending church because of bickering, hypocracy or a general senese that they are not welcome for some reason or another.

folks, this a big thing , when ken first revealed to me about 2 months ago how God had been working on his heart about this for about a year i didnt think too much about what it would mean for me and the boy, but after we let or church family and pretty much the whole community in on this call i started to freak out a little. of course money was the first thing on our minds, as im sure it would be yours, not only how much is school gonna cost, but on a budget already stretched as tight as glad wrap, gas (indy is 2 hrs from here), lost working hours, etc. the bible says  that we will make sacrifies to live our lives for Christ.

 so i had a good freak-out fest in my brain (of course i always like to maintain a calm exterior) and told noone that i was flipping.the top of the freak-out mountain was probably the day i was accosted at the christian bookstore by an older lady, who's head cant be any higher than my chin (im only 5'3") shes hugging me and telling me how great it is that we are going into the ministry, telling anyone in the vicinity who i am, this is when i restrained my self from saying WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT IT!!!!!! but im over that now. im ready to believe God for  all my needs and i accepted that we may be called away from here, but i hope not, i love it here, i love my little house, and my church family, i love shopping downtown and i love my job and coworkers but if im told to go, i will go.

anyway after prayer and meditation ive discovered my role in this. God said "bring food and water" but i just realized, right now, as i was typing,that was davids role when his brothers were doing their part in the battle with the philistines. great thanks alot now im walking toward mt. freak-out again.  pray for us!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my favorite thing

ask me. what is your favorite thing about summer? go ahead ask.
i could say warm evenings sitting out on the porch listening to the crickets. 
i could say cool lemonade.
i could say festivals and road trips.
i like all these things but what i am going to say is i dont have to wear socks! me and socks have a love/ hate relationship, i love them because the keep my feet all warm and toasty, but i hate that stinkin' seam! and also if youre not planning to wear socks you can reclaim at least 2 minutes that you would have spent looking for a matched pair.
so, everyone out there, whats your favorite thing about summer?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

my uber fat cat

well, here he is, his name is sam, but you can just call him fatty. this post is in response to amanda's proposal that i put a wig on my cat so folks wouldnt notice his girth.
im sure hes asking for food here
D wrestling him down for the wig fitting, JK, hes actually hugging him, fatty looks as thrilled as if we had been trying to fit him for a wig.
hmmm... is this edible, nope smells like megablocks, dang.

Friday, July 11, 2008

my major award!

its better than a leg lamp!!!

i have blogfriends! more people than just my mom read my blog (and for the record if ever you see  "mmm" after comments on my blog it stands for mrs monicas mom)

i have amanda over at a special blend to thank for this high honor of my first blog award. thanks amanda!

blog award etiquette says i must:
post the award logo
add a link to the person who awarded me
re-gift the award to 7 worthy blogs
add links for the new reciepents
and comment on their blogs so they know they've been awarded

the envelope please:
the winners are

ok im breaking the rules a little here, i know im suppose to give 7 awards but since im a blogging newbie i realy only have about 4 i visit regularly. since im constantly looking for more though i promise to nominate 4 more by, lets say....the last day of august... ok? i mean i could just throw out 4 more that ive looked at and found pleasing but this is a major award, it cant be just thrown around willy nilly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my treasure

this evening i had a bag of stuff to take to goodwill so while the boys did story time at the library i set off to rid myself of the space hogging bag thet i have had ready to go for weeks. of course i had to stop in goodwill and see what i could see. there were the odd things that you only see at goodwill or a like thrift shop,todays winner of the oddball award is granny panties being gripped by one of those two clip pants hangers and hanging on an endcap. when i started loooking around the store i found what could only be and old ladys entire house full of belongings scattered about the store i didnt much care for her taste in decor but i found a couple of things i could use. in the hour or so i looked through her stuff i formed a picture of what this lady was like, and got a little sad that she was probably no longer walking this earth.
she loved to travel! we are talking trinkets brought back from all over the u.s., in colorado she got a foot shaped ash tray with some catchy saying that i cant remember, at the space needle a plate, and in florida a little tin tray with oranges painted on it. they were selling the whole lot of her vacation slides and slide projector for 20 bucks.
she was tall, size 10 shoes led me to this conclusion. she wore glasses, there were several pairs of the same type of style. and she loved the Lord this i know, there were many decorative plaques all in the same style with the 23 psalm and the ten commandments, crosses and of course footprints. 
i bought a little leather coin purse that may have been hers its my ipod shuffle's new home and also a teal green (her favorite color from what i can gather) metal magazine holder. there was alot more stuff namely vintage furniture and a couple of metal cabinets that i would have loved to drag home but i couldnt think of where i would put them so theyre still at fellow christians, lets all give thanks and praise that we will get to meet this lady when the day comes and if you want a really neat-o step end table i know where you can get one.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

my vacation top 10

train station ticket window sign

train station upstairs window

waiting our turn

#10 peaches from the callis orchard fruit stand at the side of the road in bedford kentucky.
#9 off season sweater sale at old navy where i got 3 sweaters for less than 15 bucks.(b.g.,ky)
#8 veggie panini at cosmos in bowling green kentucky.
#7 tri-onimos with the bro and sis in law(b.g.,ky)
#6 havarti cheese (if youve never tried it i highly recommend it)(b.g.,ky)
#5 happy birthday text messages i got about 5 even Ds teen babysitter remembered my birthday.(b.g.,ky)
#4 zoo rides, the boat ride, the train ride and the carousel. (the pic is the kids waiting for the carousel)(columbus, oh)
#3 l&n railroad museum, bowling green kentucky pretty neat-o check it out if youre in the area you get a tour of a restored passenger train including the micro mini bathrooms on board.
#2 marci's pizza bake i will get you the recipe.(columbus)
and the #1 spot belongs to 
sleeping snuggled next to a certain almost 3 year old boy who ALWAYS sleeps in his own bed at home. thats one vacation memory you could never capture with a picture.(both destinations)
first runner up is the japanese restaurant we went to for my birthday but it got kicked out of the running because the fire scared the daylights out of the boy.(b.g.,ky)
second runner up is dinosaur world which was pretty darn cool but we didnt get to share it with friends or family.(ky)