Thursday, March 22, 2012

our spring break so far

Monday: cleaned a little, hung out clothes, lunch at wendys, playDoh, picked up our family fun quest scavenger hunt booklet which D and i looked through and wrote in all the answers we knew. made home made personal pizzas.

Tuesday: Ken and i surprised D with a trip to the newport aquarium, near cincinatti.

we treated this day like a real vacation, it may be the only one ken gets this year. since he used up all his vacation days when Miles was born.
we let Dominic pick out something from the gift shop, he chose a stuffed otter, so that his stuffed beaver toy will have a friend he said.

lunch was excellent, an irish pub, i had fish and chips and a pint of Killians. it was quite good.
then we went to coldstone creamery, yay! cheese cake ice cream with strawberries and blueberries.

wednesday: D had a dentist appt (boo)
but after that we took advantage of the "free adult with paid child" offer at the lanier mansion behind the scenes tour.

Today: sand art at the hanover branch of the library. then later in the afternoon, walking tour of madison, the most interesting part being the tour of the old jail, circa 1870, let me just say that if jail was like that, people would try harder to stay out of it...the toilet was a stone block with a hole in it, um...eww. the cells were solid limestone with no windows, and would have been pitch black if the solid metal door was closed.

so thats our week so far.

Friday, March 2, 2012

some things (8 to be exact)

1. a picture of my baby. to placate all the grandmas, especially the ones who say "i havent seen a new picture of Miles in a week"

2.i just gave in to the peer pressure and started watching Downton Abbey, for 5 minutes until Miles needed attention and i missed 10 minutes before turning it off to be resumed at a later naptime.

3. my dryer has a terrible squeak, its like banshees living in my laundry makes me not want to dry clothes.

4. our Sonic is closed for "remodeling" its been a really long time and i never see anyone working on it, i hope its not closed forever. i would consider moving to a place that had a Sonic.

5. im loving the new sale calendar they have at JC Penneys, the first and third friday of the month they put out all the lowest priced clearance items... boys jeans, 2 bucks!!

6. im hoping that Dominic is over The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything movie, he has watched it every day for the last week...its getting a little old.

7. im considering having a garage sale this spring. i have never had one before i normally just give my stuff away.

8. im trying to give up soda...its not going so well. i love Dr. Pepper.