Thursday, July 30, 2009

just for funzies

check it! i look like my grandma mardene,  yet still like me and my blue dress is fab! you should make one.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

its gonna be fun!

all the fun you can pack into 950 square feet!

my sisters are coming back, my brother is coming, all the kids will be here, my mom, my dad, my mom, my dad (yep you heard that right) my BIL, and Caitlin.

for those of you who have seen my cozy cottage you can imagine the chaos that will ensue, I CANT WAIT!!!

and hey whats one more so pack your air mattress and join us, you may have to sleep out on the porch with the raccoons but i have a feeling the neighbors already think we may not be quite right.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

the award

lat month i accepted a ten scraps award from amanda, i promised her that i would give the required ten scraps of information later in the week... i never did.
so without further ado, from the worst blog friend ever (heres where you protest)
my ten scraps

1. i was disappointed the first time i visited the Alamo, i thought it would be bigger.

2. at one point in my teen years, i had "mall hair"

3. my middle name i Doris, my grandma's first name.

4. i love vintage coutume jewelry.

5. i dont get the hype of new years eve.

6. i lived in a trailer for almost 2 years.

7. i reuse my water bottles.

8. i hate playing Monopoly.

9. if i could give my dad an expensive gift it would be a classic car. my mom would get a vacation house.

10. i would rather have a home made birthday cake than a store bought.

im suppose to tag some people, i think, ok, i didnt go back and read the rules, that was a month or so ago but since i think i only have like, maybe 6 readers, youre all tagged.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

a gift from my brother in law

some of you may remember a couple of months ago when my sisters and brother in law came to visit. oh, the fun we had. now Sean, my BIL is the best, love with all my heart, but...he breaks stuff...not on purpose, if it will be breaking soon, fate dictates that Sean will be othe one to deal the final blow, he is the slayer of anything not worth its keep. there was, during their visit only one final blow situation, praise God. 
we were all out on my porch and Sean, always the gentleman, gave up one of the wonderful, comfortable white rockers to my sister. i went back in the house for a moment and heard a crash, when i returned to the porch, Sean was sitting on the ground, victorious, on top of the pile of the remains of my salvaged chair
 i have saved what remains of my chair and given them new life...behold...
Fatty gives them two non-apposable thumbs up.
so thanks Sean, for the new pillows, with my sewing know how and your ability to break things in a single bound we make and great accessorizing team.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


my first pea pod!!!

yep, i was excited. also, the watermelons that i had written off as drowned, theyre coming in! the boys love watermelon, so im crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

obligatory post

this week i:

went to the jefferson county 4-h fair twice ( sans camera, its big, its bulky, it doesnt do well on rides)
conquered the laundry mountain (took me almost an hour to fold all those clothes!)
finished book #6 for the summer reading program (the Notebook, i expected it to be better since they made it into a movie)
ate at cracker barrell ( chicken tenders and fried apples)
scored big on some pants at Banana Republic outlet (7 bucks!!)
ordered The Boy's school uniform shirts (1 navy, 2 red, 2 lt blue)
watched Evan Almighty (good stuff, the character development was somewhat lacking but it was worth my rental fee)
went to walmart no less than 3 times (no comment, i think the pump the air full of  "forget it" gas so you HAVE to keep going back)

i know sounds like TOO much fun right? well it was.

Friday, July 10, 2009

top 10

my july (so far) top ten

#10 zuchini, its here! i will be a mad zuchini bread maker for the next 2 months.

#9 Rolling Rocks at max and ermas (tied with leaving the zoo)

#8 the 4th of july party Marci and Dougs neighborhood association hosted

#7 musical birthday cards

#6 sparklers

#5 itunes gift cards!

#4 the complete second season of The Office

#3 birthday texts and facebook greetings

#2 & #1 (you put them in which order YOU want) cheesecake & lattes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in hiding

does it seem like ive been in hiding? i know i havent posted in a week!!!

but i do have a little story to tell you.

 Maelle (age 3):are we going to eat at the pool?
 (as we are walking to the pool, dominic and maelle being pulled in a red wagon)
Mom: yes, we are
Maelle: we going to the pool?
Mom: yes
Maelle: Dominic, we are going to eat at the pool.
Maelle: are we going to eat at the pool?
Mom: yes, thats where we are headed.
Maelle: ok, we going to eat at the pool?

you get the idea. as i was pondering this exchange 2 days later i realized something, i do this, not to my mom, to God. 
i ask, i get an answer, i ask, same answer, i tell someone, i ask again, SAME ANSWER!

why do i do that? why did Maelle do it? she wanted to make sure the answer was the same i guess or maybe make sure she understood the plan correctly. i guess thats why i do it.