Saturday, March 27, 2010


last month when i went to Florida to visit Tricia i forgot a couple pieces of jewelry there. this morning when i opened the mail was a little package from Tricia and i joked to Ken that she probably spent more to send it back to me than i paid for it. i was delighted and surprised to also find this little nest pin, pinned to a Happy Resurrection Day card! i love it! i put it on immediately.

in other news: the flowering shrub in the yard has bloomed a brilliant yellow, Dominic is dazzled by the color and jumped at the suggestion that we cut a few branches off and put them in a vase.
"in my room?" he asked. of course!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

....and live by the Girl Scout Law

those of you who are facebook friends have already seen this fun picture of my girl scout troop, but its my blog and i can post what i want.

thats: Kathy, Patti, Danette, on the top row. Jenni, Monica, Shawn, Regina, in the middle. and Destiny, Crystal, Lynette, Ella, and Amy sitting down.

where am i you ask? im the one who appears to be trying to be as tall as the girl next to me. sadly, it was not to be, Jenni is still taller than me, in fact i think only Ella is shorter than me now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

excellent amazing discovery

Honestly, why would you put berber carpet over this?

this morning when i was vacuuming i noticed how grody my carpet was looking by the door, all dingy and matted, (pause for , EEEWWWWW) this led to me wondering how bad the floor under the carpet was.

one of our bedrooms is un carpeted and all of the closets have wood floors so i strongly suspected there were wood floors under the berber, what has kept me from ripping up all the carpets is fear of the unknown. how bad will they be? are they all water stained and nasty? had Fido used them as a potty?

curiousity got the best of me this morning and i decided that by the door would be the perfect place to pull up a corner and check out the situation.

WOW!! im was encouraged, so encouraged in fact that Fun Monica said "Lets tear out the whole living room!" but Responsible Monica answered " you cannot move the piano alone, remember you tried"
FM "we could cut around the piano"
RM "no, just wait until you can get your big strong tiger of a husband to help you"

so it will remain, for today just that little square by the door, but i do need to figure out the best way to get that strip of nails around the edges off. any ideas?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in case you dont know me, or havent figured out yet, i love to entertain people, i like being witty, i time my clever remarks for the highest impact.

this post isnt to showcase my wit, this post is pretty much just for me. this blog is my journal (dont even Joke with me about Blogger crashing) since i dont journal in the traditional sense.

tonight i miss my family . (ok why is my cheek wet?)

dad, mom, katie, lindsay, david
and this kid (blurred vision? whats happening?)

and of course, theres even more to miss since these were taken last summer, oh how i love flip flop weather.....i must not mean it that much, theres no tears on that one.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


i am enjoying the most boring day ever! i dont think i have had a day this uneventful in months! i have no messes to clean up (regular boring house keeping, but whos counting that?), no errands that simply MUST be done, no extra trip to wal mart because i neglected to buy something that was indespensible.

i got biscuits and gravy at the farmers market this morning, i did a small walmart run, i came home and finished reading my book, i drank excessive amounts of coffee (still making progress on that one.) took the boy to DQ for a blizzard, that is about it.

now if you will excuse me, i have another book calling my name. more coffee? yes, please.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

free book!!!

Liz is giving away a book!!

Raising the Perfect Child Through Guilt and Manipulation

you want some of that

taking bets

1 cup of dry rice

2 cups of white wine chicken broth

1 can of chick peas

1 tsp black pepper

smells yummy, looks a little blah considering the chick peas are the same color as the rice

now taking bets as to the reaction of 4 year old boy when dinner is served

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

is it time?!

the low for this week is 37...

is it time to rip the insulating plastic from the windows in a devil may care fashion and dare the month of march to try and stop me?

my dad says that you do not remove plastic from the wimdows unil at least april first.

is it time for a little blatent disobedience?

im thinking......

Sunday, March 7, 2010

from the last week

some shots from my trip to florida.

sweet Kate tries her hand at the piano.
Addison loves cafe au lait, but politely asked Mommy before she took a drink.

Megan, the most famous cook i know! making lunch for us, apple pancakes, YUM!
Tricia, Megan and Sara internet shopping and snacking before lunch, they may have found the perfect affordable knot front dress.
and finally! in my last hours in florida, i got to meet Sara.

and here he is! riding his big boy bike that he saved up his money to buy. i made him a deal that if he saved half, daddy and i would pay the other half. guess what his favorite color is.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

its been fun

mom leaves today for NJ to go visit my brother and his family, then back home to the land of ice and snow, which has come to be known as iowa.
she wanted Ken to take a nice picture before she left, this is what she got. im not even telling you what we were laughing about except to say that it would have been just as big a hoot on the playground for a group of 3rd grade boys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

no time!

my mom is visiting me here in indiana this week. so i dont have much time but here are a couple of shots from my day at the beach with Tricia whom i visited with in Florida for 4 days.
we became blog friends almost 2 years ago then were able to meet a year ago when she came to visit family that she has in my area. go check it out, on her blog she shows how big of a nerd i am that i spent the whole week reading, eating and crafting in the same sweatshirt. as the week wore on Tricia prompted me to shed the Madison hoodie and buy a new jacket.

one request of my visit was that we go to the beach which as you see we did even though the high for the day was 68 and the water numbed my toes.
today mom and i will be heading to Ikea. yay!