Tuesday, September 23, 2014

painting and stuff

this week has started off in a whirl wind. on thursday our realtor comes over to take pictures of the house so we can list it for sale.
we have been painting stuff, cleaning stuff, packing stuff....well, packing books....which took a full evening and morning....moving stuff around to make the house not look small and cramped but cozy instead.
we totally succeeded in the living room. when we were done i told Ken that it looks so nice that i dont want to move.
but move we must, part of being the pastor of a small town church is living in their community and living the life with them, not almost an hour away from the congregation.
so heres hoping that the house sells quickly and we find an equally cute house to buy near Warsaw Kentucky (or possibly Vevay Indiana)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

uh...worst blogger EVER!

yes, i see that it has been over 6 months since my last blog post. what has happened, you ask?
well, lets see...
I had a baby, that is something, my sweet little sweet pea, Rosalie.
I lost an amazing friend to an undiagnosable illness.
I visited Marci.
I had multiple visits from my parents.
I sent dominic off to 4th grade.
I started trying to potty train Miles.
I replaced my old flippy phone with an inexpensive prepaid touch screen phone.
I baked a couple of quiches.
I discovered the amazingness of Trader Joes decaf.
I replaced my laptop with a used MacBook.
I read The Fault in our Stars, The Book Thief, The Good Earth, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of azkaban, the deathly hallows, my antonia, snowflower and the secret fan, and at least 20 more that i cant remember right now.

stuff like that...all stuff that i wont recount just now. anyway, this is my official reintroduction to blogging.

so welcome me back.