Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy halloween!!!

and to kick off the halloween holiday tonight The Boy and i went to walmart and pushed all the buttons on all the singing animatronic Christmas decorations, FUNZIES!!

heres a little something to make ya go hmmmm. there were about five full rows FULL of santa, snowmen ,reindeer, candy canes, lights, trees, tractors ornaments with big red bows, nutcrackers, ETC. and ONE 4 ft section of nativity related decor :( . i dont want santa on my lawn, i want Jesus and his fam, but where would i get this, not at walmart thats for sure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the winner

and for the other 3 ladies who entered, i have a consolation prize for you if you choose to claim it, a special cd of songs, from my personal playlist which i hope you will enjoy, and of course, amanda will get one too, in her bag, with her other surprizes, that i cant tell you because it will ruin her surprise.

and... dont forget to head on over to mabels house, liz is giving away another book!

and... go to my messy nest, where you can get some FREE coffee!!!!!! and show Kate some love by leaving a comment and telling her how awesome she is for showing us all where to score free coffee.

see how we are all winners at life on the hilltop?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

sweater weather

you gotta love a cozy warm sweater.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

super value

kreativeblogaward.jpgfor this award i would like to thank Amanda.

the fun of this award is this, you list 6 things you value, 6 things you dont and pass it on to 6 friends (which i obviously dont have because only 2 people have entered my giveaway, and one was amanda c'mon people, youre hurtin me! its free to enter!)

things i value:
1. biblical advice
2. my personal relationships (Jesus, family, friends) 
3. my moms opinion
4. my health
5. solitude (can i get an amen)
6. modern conveniences (hot water tops my list, you?)

 things i dont value
1. celebrity gossip, seriously am i the only person who could not care less, i have my own life to deal with.
2. grape flavored stuff, it reminds me of dimetap, ewwww!
3. undisciplined children.
4. non words (irregardless, not a word)
5. name brands
6. steak and shake, they have the worst fries EVER! nasty!

pass it on:
Kelly, because she has done this fun fall picture thing where every day of october she posts a fall picture, pretty cool.
Diana, i have to give it to her, shes my mom, i value her opinion, dontcha know.
well, id say Ms. Math but amanda already awarded her.
how about Tricia, shes a quirky bird. 
Heather, definately award worthy
Liz, and have you seen her following, she could start Mabels community living compound ,oh, or mabelsburg,  i would totally move there.

i also want to mention that im glad we dont have to dress up to receive our bloggies (equal to an oscar or an emmy in my book) because i would be a sad sight tonite in my PJs and old man slippers (hey its cold up here).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

like it?

want it?   

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a cute mini tote with fun surprizes is the grand prize.

heres how to play, leave a comment 1 entry, mention it and link to life on the hilltop on your blog 1 entry and heres the secret entry, for those of you who are already my friends, if you have left a comment in the past 2 weeks, you get a bonus entry!!! because i get by with a little help from my friends.

Monday, October 20, 2008


its getting a little chilly here in southern indiana, i have to wear shoes again :( which means i have to wear socks again ...double:(

Saturday, October 18, 2008

the power of suggestion

The Boy said "candy corn" out of the blue and i couldnt get candy corn out of my head until i bought a bag of brachs autumn mix.

now do you want it?

Friday, October 17, 2008

giveaway alert

check it! you can win a beautiful quilt todays the last day, get yer boohiney over!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

field trip to the farm

the webbers invited us out to the farm for a tractor ride this afternoon, so while D was getting his tractor ride, i roamed around and snapped some pictures and kicked back on the porch. 
cant be a farm without cows.
she was apparently the boss and seemed very suspicious of my presence. i suppose the are not accustomed to having their picture taken.
we fed ducks, ate fresh spinach, re-penned a calf that had gotten loose, saw some vultures and some hawks, and discussed farmy things like how to rotate crops and such.
and of course by the end of our field trip, The Boy thought he had enough training to help out on the farm. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

so many questions so little time

im taking a guess here and saying in three-year-old-land, moms must know everything there is to know. 
hey mom, why did nemo's mom get ated by da mean fish? how do fish swim? how does dory swim? mom, i have, matthias has goggles. why does matthias have goggles?

mom, does da sun eat?

mom, why did God make da moon?why is da moon round?i like da moon.

hey mom, why is aidan a baby?how come he has a diaper?is aidan's mom katy?why is she katy?

mommy does the kitty have a bottom?why does he have a bottom?do birds have bottoms? why deres bird poop on da bench at da park?i dont want to sit you want to sit dere mom?

this is but a sampling of today's daily inquisition, sometimes he leaves me space to answer him, sometimes not. and for the record, no i dont want to sit there.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

what i bought!

i bought the aqua one, the others i already had. it has a spot on it which i hope to be able to remove but it was a total steal at just $3!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my antiquing buddy

look! i got a new antiquing buddy! it was the first time i ever took D to the lumber mill with me and after laying down the rules:
#1 ask me before you touch things 
#2 if you misbehave or fail to follow directions we will leave immediately
we ventured in.

he discovered theres toys at the lumber mill.
and it i took it upon myself to keep and eye on cow, who knows what would become of him if he got lost at the antique mall!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

everyone wants to know

i got tagged! this is the first time i have been tagged. Kelly wanted to know 7 things about me.

1.  i would rather cook than clean. i cook because i want to, i clean because i have to.

2.  i have every season of "scrubs" on dvd and watch them often. i love it when turk dances and when jd falls. season 4 is by far superior to all others.

3.  im a recovering pack-rat. 

4.  i dont like amusement parks. i wont get on a roller coaster, no way, jose. 

5.  i love Sonic!!! their corn dogs rock and make it a combo with a cherry limeade and tots. im happy as a clam in high tide.

6.  take my picture! i will never be the person trying to hide when someone is taking pictures. two reasons, i like seeing my self ( i know mini narcissistic tendencies) and i think if someone wants to take your picture they must want to remember you and it would be rude to deny them that.

7.  i love reading about 16th century european royalty. fiction and non especially if it has to do with the wives of henry the eighth i find it fascinating the way every one of them thought her reign as queen would work out to her benefit, not to her head on the block. 
bonus fact:anne of cleves was my favorite "wife"

ok now im tagging:
and if you want to do this also, consider yourself tagged my friends! 

the rules: link to the blog who tagged you, list 7 facts about you, tag your friends, and let them know in a comment on their blog.

Monday, October 6, 2008

out with the old...

heres the old. three and a half years ago shortly before  The Boy was born i was working at Pier 1 and i tied a wicker sales contest with 2 other ladies (one of which is now my good friend Marci, love ya lady!) and they both bowed out of the contest so i could win this rocker for my baby's room i selected the leafy chair pad to match the jungle baby theme. after i stopped rocking day and night my old kitty, rest his little kitty soul, took posession of the chair. consequently the cushion took a little bit of a beating and was in need of a makeover. same for the ottoman which had not been recovered in YEARS.
heres the "new". i was so pumped about this fabric! its reversable, and it cost me a whopping five bucks! it was a clearance curtain panel at big lots. raise your hand if you love big lots! and the bonus... i have enough to make a pillow for the sofa!!!

and this time, its a slipcover on the chair pad.

this is post #90 for all you in giveaway anticipation land.=)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

its the great pumpkin!

we went on the quest this morning for the perfect pumpkin The Boy made his choice quickly as you can see, i guess he wanted one that wasnt too big to carry, i, on the other hand, had to inspect every specimen for just the right color, texture and stem shape. check out the white ones! pretty cool. they even had purplish grey pumpkins, i had no idea there was such a variety, we opted for a nice sized traditional orange, with a nice thick curved stem. and then of course, The Boy got his little one

Friday, October 3, 2008

He is workin!

God is workin ! this morning D and i got out and went to the JayCee store all the way downtown (not that its sooooo far but i usually grocery shop on the hilltop) they lured me there with dollar peanut butter and jelly. we got down there and there was NO MORE left and since its the like super generic (we are talking white label with black and red letters) brand not just the store brand i dont feel like i should price match it at walmart. i know those pesky convictions are getting in th way of my cheap peanut butter but i dont want be standing there in front of Jesus and he looks at his clip board and says,"oh, i see here on october 3, you tricked the cashier at walmart into giving you peanut butter for a dollar when you knew it wasnt the same peanut butter" like i want to throw away my inheritance for .79
ok totally rambling here...back to real story
so we are searching for just 1 lone jar hidden somehow way in the back, and no luck but when i start walking down the aisle theres this completely frazzled looking lady carrying, in her arms ,
a bag of onions
2lbs of hamburger
2 cans of fruit
a loaf of bread
and a box of something
she drops the onions and the fruit and i just picked them up, and i dont really know why but in that instant  i was so happy to pick them up for and D check out a couple more deals and buy nothing. 
  it occurred to me when we were leaving that i wasnt there to buy peanut butter but to interact with that lady in a positive way. God is good.
oh and icing on the cake i didnt realize until i saw my reflection in my car window that in wearing my  "love thy neighbor" tee shirt

Thursday, October 2, 2008

sitting, waiting, wishing

poor sam (also known in blog circles as fatty)! he wants outside so badly, he made a couple of attempts at escape when the boy opened the screen door but i guess hes just too slow!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sneak preview!

well, this is my 86th blogpost so God willing in 3weeks to a month i will be posting my 100th post and there will be a giveaway!!!

because i know you all LOVE giveaways and i will be keeping my eyes out for girly stuff, yummy stuff and funzie stuff in local shops for my giveaway. and im not saying on the record but there may or may not be a surprise from mundt's candies in the mix, hmmmm, tell your friends.