Saturday, October 11, 2008

my antiquing buddy

look! i got a new antiquing buddy! it was the first time i ever took D to the lumber mill with me and after laying down the rules:
#1 ask me before you touch things 
#2 if you misbehave or fail to follow directions we will leave immediately
we ventured in.

he discovered theres toys at the lumber mill.
and it i took it upon myself to keep and eye on cow, who knows what would become of him if he got lost at the antique mall!


Kelly said...

you are so brave. when I take CJ to the Old Shoe Factory Antiques, he is strapped in his stroller. He does enjoy looking at the older toys. But it is TOO crowed and too many breakables to allow him to roam free.

diana said...

so what di you buy?????

diana said...
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Ms. Math said...

How very adorable! Yes, I would like to know if you bought anything!