Wednesday, October 1, 2008

sneak preview!

well, this is my 86th blogpost so God willing in 3weeks to a month i will be posting my 100th post and there will be a giveaway!!!

because i know you all LOVE giveaways and i will be keeping my eyes out for girly stuff, yummy stuff and funzie stuff in local shops for my giveaway. and im not saying on the record but there may or may not be a surprise from mundt's candies in the mix, hmmmm, tell your friends.


Ms. Math said...

YAY!! I'm super excited!

Amanda said...

I do enjoy a giveaway! Be sure you let the folks over at 5 min for mom know and they advertise for you on Fridays on their "5 min around the blogosphere"...I think its just

Great job on being such a faithful blogger.

Many blessings-