Thursday, October 9, 2008

everyone wants to know

i got tagged! this is the first time i have been tagged. Kelly wanted to know 7 things about me.

1.  i would rather cook than clean. i cook because i want to, i clean because i have to.

2.  i have every season of "scrubs" on dvd and watch them often. i love it when turk dances and when jd falls. season 4 is by far superior to all others.

3.  im a recovering pack-rat. 

4.  i dont like amusement parks. i wont get on a roller coaster, no way, jose. 

5.  i love Sonic!!! their corn dogs rock and make it a combo with a cherry limeade and tots. im happy as a clam in high tide.

6.  take my picture! i will never be the person trying to hide when someone is taking pictures. two reasons, i like seeing my self ( i know mini narcissistic tendencies) and i think if someone wants to take your picture they must want to remember you and it would be rude to deny them that.

7.  i love reading about 16th century european royalty. fiction and non especially if it has to do with the wives of henry the eighth i find it fascinating the way every one of them thought her reign as queen would work out to her benefit, not to her head on the block. 
bonus fact:anne of cleves was my favorite "wife"

ok now im tagging:
and if you want to do this also, consider yourself tagged my friends! 

the rules: link to the blog who tagged you, list 7 facts about you, tag your friends, and let them know in a comment on their blog.


Kelly said...

thanks for playing.
(it was the first time I was tagged too) and a little fun too.
I asked PJ to tell me 7 weird/random things about me and he came up with 7 completely different ones than I did. ha ha ha
I LOVE your reason for having your picture taken. And I will try to remember that next time someone wants to take a pic of me. I do not enjoy having my picture taken.

Liz said...

You've inspired my Friday night; a marathon of Scrubs and dinner from Sonic sounds perfect!

Ms. Math said...

This was so fun much fun to read! Thanks for tagging me - I've never been tagged before. Should be fun!

I, too, love your reason for having your picture taken! When I'm taking people's pictures, I tell them that whether they like it or not I'm taking it and it's up to them to decide what kind of picture they want me to have. :)

diana said...

along with mrs. math i have also been tagged for the very first time. i think i was picked to incurge me to work on my skills as a blogger,i'm just starting my 2nd week. thank you monica and i will post my 7 in the morning after the effects of looseing 2 games at bowling wear off.

Heather said...

I love Sonic too!!

Marci said...

And it just makes it clearer and clearer as to why we remain friends!