Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my birthday... (a shameless solicitation for goodies)

 It isnt until thursday, but all my best buds and family members know i will be leaving town on thursday morning to spend a long weekend with the Thompsons in Ohio. 

so what does a family member or best bud do when you will be gone on your birthday?

they bring you, send you or make you your gift or cake early!

thanks family and best buds! and FYI i will still be in town tomorrow so if you want to get in on the B-Day action, bring it on. :o)

Monday, June 29, 2009

grilled up!

Tricia came over for dinner yesterday afternoon. we enjoyed the evening and the nice breeze dining out back

heres the product of my first solo grilling experience. bean and cheese quesedillas, served with pico de gallo and BL lime.mmm.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


my super fun weekend started saturday morning when i met Tricia
for lattes at Madison Coffee and Tea we walked down to the farmers market where i got fresh kale for sundays dinner and also bought some peaches, i love peaches straight from the orchard and Trimble County Kentucky is THE place to get great peaches.
I gave Tricia the "locals only" tour of town and we shopped here and there, in this picture, Ronnie AKA the nice candy lady (you can see her in the pic on Tricia's blog) , who works at Mundts candies offered to take our picture behind the soda fountain.
here we have part of the sunday lunch crowd, Kens family. the menu was BBQ chicken, hotdogs, southern style kale greens, baked potato casserole, corn muffins and chocolate chip cookies washed down with sun tea or lemonade. good eats.
after we fed our guests we convinced them to help us move a piano that we were given. you heard that right, someone GAVE us a piano, how do you thank someone for something like that?
it was heavy, but they managed.
here it is, The boy will start piano lessons as soon as we get it tuned.

so those are the hi-lights of my weekend. and now the laundry awaits :P

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

randomania, randomaina (sing like perry coma, on animaniacs)

** i just got started on the summer reading program at our local library, read 6 books by july 18 and get in the grand prize drawing (finally a material gain for all this intellect building), read 4 for a free movie pass (so you can say "the book was better"?) read 2 and get a free book (i guess theyre trying to encourage you to read more by giving you a book). im so getting in that grand prize drawing.

** its raining, my garage smells like the back room of an antique store, i will neither confirm nor deny that there is a leak in the garage roof.

**i have washed all my laundry and now have a mountain to fold, not my favorite job.

**im going to bed on time tonight, i havent been in bed until 11 recently and its not good for family morale when mama doesnt get enough sleep.

**who has gone to see the movie UP ? how was it?

ok must go now! i just saw lightning!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

street fair

last night we enjoyed the bicentennial street fair. 
first stop upon arriving was the ticket booth. most of the kiddie games were a buck each, one ticket.

then we spotted my man, working hard, as always.
next stop, dinner. hey, we had support our home church, and since they were selling strawberry shortcake, thats what we were eating, it rocked.
one booth was giving away slap bracelets as prizes, The Boy loves it, its the only thing he won that hasnt already broke.
dessert. the red sno-kone is mine, the cotton candy, his.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

we decided it was a good night to forgo the madison bicentennial activities tonight and just relax on the porch. we have packed alot into the week so far and The Boy just needed some play time.

we refilled the pool, it was getting pretty nasty with all the bugs and grass it has collected in the last week, checked out our garden growth, looking good mysquash is starting to come up as are the pumpkins and peas.
i also made an awesome discovery, there are wild raspberries in the brush area on the back of our property line! yum, they look like they will be ready in about a week or 2.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

who could pass this up? one free ice cream treat per person!! yes! can you beleive i heard someon say "oh, i dont want to wait in THAT line." it wasnt that long, even if it would have been. 


maybe they were creeped out by the "safety clown"
this pic is just for you Heather, you know this kid picked the sponge bob frozen confection for the gumball eyes. 

and FYI i think it had the recomended WEEKLY allowance of red dye for his pants, this was just a mess. i didnt shoot a picture because my hands were covered with sticky melted red dye #3. i think i still have some under my nails.

im glad it was free, i had the perrenial favorite "the bomb pop" i love the white lemonade layer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i am!

oh! i am a lazy blogger! whats wrong with me?

ok lets see this week i have...

fought the good fight with my sugar ant debacle.

told myself countless times that i gotta get moving on this fathers day gift.

sewed a shirt. minor alterations needed pic to come.

vaccummed and done dishes every day. (part of fighting the ants)

drank about 40 cups of coffee.

played link-up tag with the sunday school kids.

trimmed up my hair.

put off folding clothes.

perused a couple of  country living magazines.

facebooked. (x6)

explained why we DO NOT try to pull a tape out of the vcr. (we still have one, can you believe it?)

worked on figuring out how to post a video until i dropped a wire behind the shelf, its still there, probably will be for a while.

so as you can see while i have been a lazy blogger i claim to have good reason for it.