Sunday, June 21, 2009


my super fun weekend started saturday morning when i met Tricia
for lattes at Madison Coffee and Tea we walked down to the farmers market where i got fresh kale for sundays dinner and also bought some peaches, i love peaches straight from the orchard and Trimble County Kentucky is THE place to get great peaches.
I gave Tricia the "locals only" tour of town and we shopped here and there, in this picture, Ronnie AKA the nice candy lady (you can see her in the pic on Tricia's blog) , who works at Mundts candies offered to take our picture behind the soda fountain.
here we have part of the sunday lunch crowd, Kens family. the menu was BBQ chicken, hotdogs, southern style kale greens, baked potato casserole, corn muffins and chocolate chip cookies washed down with sun tea or lemonade. good eats.
after we fed our guests we convinced them to help us move a piano that we were given. you heard that right, someone GAVE us a piano, how do you thank someone for something like that?
it was heavy, but they managed.
here it is, The boy will start piano lessons as soon as we get it tuned.

so those are the hi-lights of my weekend. and now the laundry awaits :P


Tricia said...

I had such a fun time and told Brewier that you took me to all the cool shops and how you seem to know EVERYONE! Thanks for a fun morning!

Jessica said...

I love that soda fountain photo, it's so neat! Isn't it fun hanging out with my mom?

Holly said...

Looks like an absolutely wonderful weekend! Where can I find someone to give me a piano?!

Amanda Jo said...

That does look like a GREAT weekend!!! Some of my favorite memories are from when I took piano lessons!!! I hope Little Guy LOVES it!

Soo...when will you come to Texas so I can hang out with you?

amber said...

Great weekend!! I love that painting above the piano!

Amanda Jo said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Leslie said...

I loved the food, the friends, and the fact that the hubby helped to move the piano while we sat and gabbed! :P