Sunday, June 7, 2009

who could pass this up? one free ice cream treat per person!! yes! can you beleive i heard someon say "oh, i dont want to wait in THAT line." it wasnt that long, even if it would have been. 


maybe they were creeped out by the "safety clown"
this pic is just for you Heather, you know this kid picked the sponge bob frozen confection for the gumball eyes. 

and FYI i think it had the recomended WEEKLY allowance of red dye for his pants, this was just a mess. i didnt shoot a picture because my hands were covered with sticky melted red dye #3. i think i still have some under my nails.

im glad it was free, i had the perrenial favorite "the bomb pop" i love the white lemonade layer.


Marci said...

First of all, scary safety clown, second. Hahahahahahaha! I love the lemonade on the bomb pops too! I just had to stop an ice cream truck in my neighborhood a few years ago to have one!

Jessica said...

I totally wouldn't have passed up free ice cream either. Even if I am trying to lose the baby weight. :)

amber said...


Ms. Math said...

Who passes up free icecream?! That is pure insanity! I want an icecream truck to come by my house offering free treats!