Sunday, May 31, 2009

for the complete story...

my sis in law's blog, daily newsie.
she is a great story teller and i am a lazy blogger, why re-tell the story when you can just read her blog. thanks sis.

Friday, May 29, 2009

every little girls dream!

"i have thought about ths day, dreamed about this day, for as long as i can remember"  Tina Tercel, now and then.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


 this bottom and this top

for a grand total of $38.50. 

i went to no less than 7 stores and tried on the good the bad and the UGLY and i am pleased to say i am satisfied with the swimming suit i found at kohls. i covers my bum, it covers my chest and it doesnt look like a granny suit. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

is it too much to ask?

D has been asking about the pool ever since we let him start wearing shorts. the pool opens in a week.

heres the problem, i need a swimming suit. i just dont feel like its appropriate for the pastors wife to be parading around the public pool in a bikini, nor do i like being gawked at by 40 year old bald guys which is inevitable when you have all your groceries out there for the world to see.

i need a modest swimming suit. it has become apparent to me that manufacturers and retailers assume unless you wear a 16 or bigger you must want your groceries out for the world to see, i dont. i also dont want to look like a grandma. the one suit i found that fit like a dream and had a reasonable price was the most HIDEOUS print i have EVER seen, i looked like a 1970's couch, with its brown and rust floral design.

so is it too much to ask for support, full coverage and a reasonable price?

i guess so.

Friday, May 22, 2009


i will be picking up and putting away all the books today, the family left this morning. we are all bummed out to see them go home. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

well read

what happens when you take 2 people who leave books laying all over the house,add 3 more readers to the bunch and throw in 2 little boys who love to be read to?

this, this is what happens... i took all of these photos (plus some i didnt post) within 5 minutes of one another. 

theyre on the end tables...

the couch.....
the floor....

i must go now, i have books to return to the library.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seans Day

my brother in law, sean, doesnt ever ask much, hes pretty content to follow my sister around wherever she decides they will go. this is their week of vacation, visiting us in madison. on the way here, sean spotted a billboard for the louisville slugger factory and museum since he makes minimal requests, we indulged him in that we not only went to the louisville slugger factory but also ate lunch at white castle. we all have the gas to prove it.

my sisters in the elevator.
sean's first and last stop was the batting cage, 10 balls for a dollar. i decided to give it a try, i did pretty well, i hit 8 balls out of 10 but i think i strained my wii baseball injury from last week.
the boy got tired on the walk back from white castle. uncle sean piggy backed him a couple of blocks.
it was a pretty neat trip, they give you a tour through the factory and show you how they make different models of bats for different MLB players. and then they give you a mini bat to take home both of the boys loved that (my nephew is 1 1/2) .

tomorrows adventure is a cincinnatti reds game. and skyline chili!

Monday, May 18, 2009

fun filled day

my sister at the lumber mill, trying on hats.
i found this awesome chandelier at whimsy.
visited the villiage lights book store.

more fun tomorrow, we are planning a trip to the lousville slugger museum.
guess what my sister brought me from texas.... (click here)
you know im happy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

search and you shall find...

heres a couple of searches that have led folks to my blog in the last few days

*search-what do we need to build a rocket

*search-hilltopper jokes

 im realtively SURE that these topics are not what the searcher was looking for. its very amusing for me, i tricked someone into reading my blog.

i just hope they dont get to the round window before we do, now that they know they can get it at the lumber mill.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

blue steel

happy moms day from three guys who love the movie Zoolander.

my mother in law wanted a pic of her boys for mothers day. this is what she got.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


ok have nothing going on.  unless you want to hear about the free kashi meal that i am enjoying right now. i got a coupon in the mail to try a kashi frozen entree free, but they dont carry those at wal-mart, i guess thats more the banquet tv dinner crowd, so i had to get it at kroger, in their special organic section...

its pretty good, it has red peppers and pesto over whole wheat pasta, but i had to add some feta it needed a little kick, i would eat it again if it was free.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

giddy in geekland

raise your hand if you love superhero movies!!  geek.

we got the opportunity to let our geekiness roam free on friday evening at the x-men origins Wolverine movie!!!

we dumped the boy off at Grandma Rocky's in indy and went to the first real movie since my sons birth 3.5 yrs ago, in a real theater (not stickyfloor cinema aka  great escapes on the hilltop in madison) the kind with the stadium seating, and the smell of popcorn and nachos, and opening night comic book geeks who are dying to see any story and creation Stan Lee can come up with.

in line getting our 40 dollar soda, the geek twins were in front of us getting their nachos and jr mints (eww, right?) and they were so excited, i was giddy,  this particular brand of geek does not make his (or her) home in madison, IN. i loved seeing these uber nerds so happy! it made me so happy, that i had to wonder if we were indeed cut from the same pocket protected cloth.

the icing on the cake came when a guy in an indiana jones style hat, who actually reminded me a bit of my friend's husband (ahh, now youre wondering, who it is arent you?) sat right next to me and texted his friend 4 seats away that he was turning off his phone (ok embellishment, but he texted someone) and tried , fairly successfully to NOT touch me, my seat or anything that was mine by virtually hugging the opposite arm rest. i guess im an intimidating geek queen. or a geek intimidating queen.

anyway, im not going to give you a full on review, we had a geektacular time, just go see the movie.