Thursday, August 27, 2009

whatever, i'll do what i want!

this was my breakfast, yum, nachos!

then i decided to paint my bedroom, until today, all 4 walls were white. i painted one wall. it took all of one hour, but its something you just cant do with a kid around.

the paint smell brought back to me the first time i recall ever having smelled latex paint, i was about 9, we were helping my dad's friend paint the new cabin he had bought it was about 15 minutes from the town of Independence, IA on the Wapsi river. i know how far it was to town because my step mom LOVES to tell the story of a certain 9 year old girl that flat out REFUSED to pee in the woods. Dad had to drive me in to town so i could use the bathroom.

the really cool thing about the cabin was that in the bedroom, the cabin had been built around a tree, so there was a BIG tree growing right up through the corner of the room.
the color that i painted my wall was tropical coral by glidden, it was a free sample quart. go and see it, because this picture, nothing like the real color.


a day to myself? pictures and full coverage to come.

Monday, August 24, 2009

you know you want it

go here, the madison chautauqua website for a chance to win 2 nights at a B&B and dinner at a local restaurant on the weekend of september 26 & 27. also, if you win i promise to show you around town and buy you a latte.

Good luck!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

work it

i been working my boohiney off! and apparently i smell like it.

i was faced this morning with a slightly embarrassing predicament. 

after doing physical labor yesterday in the super hot and stuffy loft area of our shop i was HOT and SWEATY and apparently very, very stinky. when i got to work this morning a co worker, bless her heart, had put an antiperspirant/deoderant near the place where i store my purse. i saw it and thought, certainly she didnt bring that for me. how embarrassing to smell so bad that my co workers try to help me. so i had to decide what i would do.

should i 

A) ignore it

B) use it

C) explain my allergy, and humbly apologize for my BO, telling her the horrors of stopping up your sweat glands with toxins not intended to be in constant contact with the human body.

i went with C it seemed like the least embarrassing choice. i spared her the crazy rant about toxins but did let her in on the fact that for years i did not know why i had bumps and rashes in my pits (her daughter has this very problem) but when they went away shortly after ceasing to use anti persperant i made the connection pretty quickly.

i read up on some pit stink home remedies and HOPE i can fix my stinky pits, for my co workers' sake.

all i can say is "sorry guys"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what would you eat?

lunch bag battle has begun.
the last 2 days the main player of the lunch bag has returned home with 2 bites taken out of it, i guess sandwiches just arent fun enough to warrant The Boy's attention i need a good alternative to a sandwich, it has to be something that is healthy, but not so healthy that its kryptonite to a 4 yr old. he will not eat: 

apples that have brown on them
raw broccoli
ranch dressing
broken crackers
egg salad, chicken salad or any other mayo based salad
swiss cheese
whole grain bread
any kind of nut
bagel chips
hard boiled eggs

he sometimes will eat:

baby carrots
plain crackers

if i left the kid to his own devices he would pack nothing but nutri-grain bars and string cheese, however i dont think that would stave off the hungries for very long.
HELP me my friends, i need a new star for my kid's lunch, since the sandwich is old news.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

wonderfully boring!!!

life has been so wonderfully boring for the last few days, i did some house work (hate) and went to a church pot luck (love) and just bummed around a little.

this i where i sing the praises of not having cable.

if we had cable i would not have laid in bed yesterday afternoon for an hour reading while the boy played  in his room and ran in occasionally to show me how cool Optimus Prime is when he changes into a truck.

i would not have sat out on the front and chatted on the phone with my MIL.

i would not have decided to make red potato salad for my dinner tonight (you gotta let that stuff chill overnight).

i would have watched whatever was on, whather i wanted to or not, because thats what i do when i have cable.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

just for you holly...

because i know you love first day of school pictures and we most certainly are NOT going to post my second grade picture again.  

Thursday, August 6, 2009

a disturbance

D: Hey mom, whats disturb

Me: disturb is when you bother someone or distract them from what theyre doing.

D: mom, if we had a remote control wif a round button, and we had a rocket and it had fire on da bottom, if we pushed da button while we were at church would we disturb people?

Me: yes, i think we might.

Monday, August 3, 2009

family fun

the family started rolling in on friday afternoon. let the whirlwind begin. 

being born and raised in a drought region my BIL Sean had never done sparklers before, good thing i had a box leftover from the fourth. he also never had the opportunity to catch lightning bugs, i made him a bug jar and he set out to capture a few, he got a little too rough in the handling though and ended up with a phosphorescent thumb.
this is the whole family, they were ALL at my place although the first night my mom and step dad slept at a hotel. theres me, then my mom, step dad, brother David and his GF Caitlin, and Ken the next row is Sean, my sis Katie and their little boy, my step mom and my dad and on the ground Dominic, my other sis Lindsay and my neice Stella.
and heres what we look like when we think noone is clicking the shutter.
and the food was excellent, my mom got elected head chef but my dad and my brother mostly took the lead on this grilled smorgasbord.

i tried to cnvince my mom to stay another day but they couldnt. so its super quiet now and i have ALOT of laundry to do. but thanks to Lindsay i dont have any kitchen cleaning to do today she cleaned my kitchen after i went to bed last night, yay! its my least favorite thing. thanks, Runt.