Saturday, April 21, 2012


as in growing my hair back. so here a few pictures of my hair, pay no attention to whats happening in the picture...just focus on me, on my hair.


this is a few weeks ago, with my hair just entering the ackward stage. fortunately, i have my friend whitney, who is a wonderful stylist and loves cutting curly hair, on my side.

this is about where i had been keeping it lengthwise, for about the last 2 years, sadly, this head band died and went to headband heaven, i still miss it. it was the best headband ever.
this one was taken about 4 months before they stopped making my favorite hair product, prompting me to start cutting (sure showed them, didnt i?).

in my plan, by this time next year, i should be well on my way to this length again.
but its so hard NOT to cut!!!!!
patience is a virtue, right?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i mean...seriously

is there a more beautiful baby anywhere?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my goals

theyre not lofty goals, but they are a start.

every day i pick one thing to accomplish. thats it, just one thing.

the fact that i havent done a good clean, cleaning on the house in about a year (ever since the morning sickness started) was really bumming me out and i was so overwhelmed that i didnt know where to start.
so this week i have picked just one easy task per day and done it
Monday: sort through and pack up out grown baby clothes
Tuesday: vacuum all of the cob webs out of the corners (i didnt make it to my bedroom, the baby woke up)
Wednesday: dust the book shelves (which included taking all books off. i left Kens book shelf alone), piano, entertainment center and all picture frames on the walls.
today: clean out the refrigerator.
tomorrow: clean, dust, vacuum, behind and under all of my bedroom furniture.

it may be slow going but it will eventually get done. and i wont feel like i sat on mu bum all day and done nothing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fat baby in a little diaper

singing this classic to my sweet baby as i try to squeeze the last of the size 1 diapers around his pudgy belly.
for the record, although the diaper will not split up the back like david spade's jacket did....the front, back and sides of the baby's shirt and pants will be soaked through about 3 minutes after putting the too small diaper on him. just make life easier for all by putting that size 2 on him and giving the handful of 1's to a friend who can use them, because NO parent will turn down free diapers, even if theyre out of the package and slightly banged up from traveling around in your purse.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

out in the backyard

this is what we like to do on Dad's day off.