Wednesday, May 28, 2008

my week off

im taking suggestions on where and with whom to spend my week off which is june 26 through july 6. the babysitter and her family will be out of town and K will be working nonstop because of regatta so D and i simply must do something i think we would both be stir crazy if we stuck around here. so on my limited budget which is roughly 400 clams for the whole trip including gas food lodging etc we want to do something fun, it may end up being a series of day trips but were gonna have fun. so faithful blog readers, bring on the suggestions. 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

my first time

i was asked last sunday to bake a pie for the church pie and ice cream booth at old court days this weekend, now i have made a pie crust before, for a quiche, but i have never made a full top and bottom crust fruit pie. i have no disaster story to tell, praise God, the pie came out perfect.

at least perfect looking, i guess we wont know until its served up how it tastes. so i wanna give big ups to the methodist women of the 1970s for their pie baking know how and their tried and true recipes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

my hiatus

oh what can i say about my brief hiatus, heres the short version, started feeling sick and worn out, bought some cold medicine, my parents got here for their visit, went to church, had company over on mothers day for a cookout, it rained, felt sicker, couldnt breathe, went to ER, found out what pnemonia feels like, got about 7 prescriptions, started taking them, went about town the rest of week of my parents visit with no extra rest, worked the last 2 days of the week at HSC to catch up on the week i missed for the visit and was ultimately laid out FLAT yesterday for lack of taking care of myself. anyway though still a little bit tired i think im mostly better, and now i have over a weeks worth of housework to do. you better believe me when i say im not in a hurry to jump on that.

Friday, May 9, 2008

it has a purpose!

YAY!!! after probably 6 years of keeping this old relish tray that i bought at a rummage sale for the amazingly low price of fifty cents it has discovered its purpose in my life, its my new desk organizer! are ya proud of me, mom? ken has been trying for our last 3 moves to get me to give this away, it actually has a white birch lazy susan that it sits on but i cant find that (honey, is there something you want to tell me?).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

how many: part deux

ok if anyone read kens comment, he was right! the glue had dripped down out the bottom and was dried all over the tile below. evidently we didnt read the part of the directions which read "wait five minuted and then press firmly to bond" so we went with a stronger, drip resistant little adhesive known in our family as the strongest adhesive known to man (no, im not speaking of dried grape jelly, although it would have held better than glue #1) LIQUID NAILS. so we are back to waiting for it to set so i can caulk it, again. well at least i know now that it only takes one day to get the caulk out from under my fingernails.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

how many?

how many home improvement projects can we be forced into during one projectette (my very own new word describing a very small, minor home improvement project i.e painting the trim on one SMALL window)
the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind. 
ken started this projectette of putting a coat of paint on the inside of the bathroom window and so far we have 3 additional repairs to do one of which turned out to be pretty immediate, he put a little too much weight on the "built in" ceramic soap dish (circa 1957 or so) and it came crashing down! exposing the wall behind it and revealing that someone had done this before and had just slapped some glue on and stuck it back on and a not very tidy gluer at that. this happens at 8:55 on sunday night so we tape a piece of plastic over the hole so water wont get in when we shower and hit the local lowes on monday after work. by time we get home and make and eat dinner its the boys bathtime, what kid can resist splashing water all over the hole (i had taken off the plastic so the moisture wouldnt build up so we had to dry that out with the hairdryer before we could glue the new soapdish on. after we glue it on we had a silly fun time with the packing tape needed to tape it to the wall so the glue can dry. so the final step was me caulking the spaces tonite i didnt really encounter any problems here except it got it under my fingernail and dont know how long it will take to get it out. 
so let this be a lesson kids, dont start a projectette on sunday night at 8:55.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

his masterpiece

this is my absolute favorite piece of artwork of the boy's to date. he made this about 2 months ago at 2-3 yr old story hour and it has been hanging on our fridge ever since. yesterday the boy with much reluctance agreed to let me hang it above my desk.  on the fridge it was just the construction paper dragon, i did add a background paper but other than that he did all the gluing by himself. i love his eyes they crack me up.

Friday, May 2, 2008

the moment you've all been waiting for

jump around, this is a TK carnival mainstay, you cannot have a TK carnival without a jump around.
i love this one, that girl looks so happy to be at TK carnival!
hayley goes incognito
heather gets smart
this game was so funny to watch, incase youve never seen this,on the other side of that big blue post theres another kid strapped in exactly like Nicholas here is strapped in. now the funny part is theres only one bungee which runs through a hole in the post they're each strapped to one end of the bungee, and at the whistle they struggle to make as many baskets as possible in the alotted amount of time, and when one pulls hard the other is pulled up against the post. fun stuff.
 in other carnival news, for the first time EVER i did not get sun burned or heat stroke i did however suffer the greatest indignity a coach can suffer, i got pied, i just want to state for the record that my pieing request was denied, i told rev vickie that should i ever get pied, i wanted chocolate, there was no chocolate in that pie it was just a drippy mess of half melted reddi whip which after about 30 seconds started to smell like old milk. on the bright side , i did not have to work the apple bob the kids LOVE he apple bob, it must be the messiness of it, these kids come out SOAKED and only a kid will stick their whole head into a tub that has everyone else's God only knows what floating on the surface.ewww. i tried to say no apple bob this year and rumor has it the fifth graders were organizing an  uprising so we gave in.