Tuesday, May 6, 2008

how many?

how many home improvement projects can we be forced into during one projectette (my very own new word describing a very small, minor home improvement project i.e painting the trim on one SMALL window)
the answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind. 
ken started this projectette of putting a coat of paint on the inside of the bathroom window and so far we have 3 additional repairs to do one of which turned out to be pretty immediate, he put a little too much weight on the "built in" ceramic soap dish (circa 1957 or so) and it came crashing down! exposing the wall behind it and revealing that someone had done this before and had just slapped some glue on and stuck it back on and a not very tidy gluer at that. this happens at 8:55 on sunday night so we tape a piece of plastic over the hole so water wont get in when we shower and hit the local lowes on monday after work. by time we get home and make and eat dinner its the boys bathtime, what kid can resist splashing water all over the hole (i had taken off the plastic so the moisture wouldnt build up so we had to dry that out with the hairdryer before we could glue the new soapdish on. after we glue it on we had a silly fun time with the packing tape needed to tape it to the wall so the glue can dry. so the final step was me caulking the spaces tonite i didnt really encounter any problems here except it got it under my fingernail and dont know how long it will take to get it out. 
so let this be a lesson kids, dont start a projectette on sunday night at 8:55.


newsphotoken said...

I don't think the glue is holding :(

Marci said...

Bwahahahaha! Sorry you know I so feel for you on this one. Just like I hate plumbing jobs (they always require 3 trips to Lowes). I think a soap dish is close enough after that story!

Leslie said...

LOL!!! Okay...just a teensy bit of sympathy here...our "projectettes" always turn into the "Mother of All Projects"...point in case...I want to replace our 1970's cooktop, but can't do that without replacing the range hood, and can't do that without making adjustments to the cabinets, not to mention changing out the counter tops...and, well, if you're going to give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for milk...sigh...I may never get a new cooktop! Then again, maybe we can just eat out! hehehehe