Monday, February 22, 2010

confession time ; im the one.

im the one who puts the boy in the bath tub because i want him to leave me alone for 30 minutes.

im the one who spilled coffee ALL OVER the packing slips for the huge order i was working on today, but it didnt get on any of the clothes.

im the one who left only 2 pieces of chocolate in the candy dish on the desk at work.

im the one who left the clothes in the washer so long that they had to be re washed.

im the one who would rather sit and enjoy my book than get up and unlock the door when i hear keys rattling at the lock

im the one who used the last of the tissues and left the empty box sitting there on the table.

im the one who got irritated when i reached for a tissue and there were none left.

im the one who got mad when the coffee shop closed 10 minutes early because I couldnt get a latte (all about me ya know)

im the one who is humbled that despite all this and many many more selfish acts God holds me dear as his beloved daughter and he loves you just as much.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

all you who know me know one thing is true, i hate cleaning as much as i love cheese.

well, its house cleaning day again. i generally start telling myself its house cleaning day on thursday, i putter around on thursday, picking up this and that, throwing in a load of laundry here and there, then oh, look at the time! its 3 o clock time to go get The Boy from school. oh, well, theres always tomorrow i say.
friday i get up saying,ok, time to clean the house, i shower, take The Boy to school then come back and sit around drinking coffee with Ken until he decides he needs to get to work. then i may or may not sweep and clean the kitchen floor, and do the dishes. then i tend to get distracted Fun Monica tells us we should go thrifting while Responsible Monica says no, look we havent vacumned in 2 weeks! so then i say , oh, i can do that tomorrow with a dismissive wave of my dispan hand and Fun Monica has her way.

now, its tomorrow, bummer i have all the rest of my house work to do so what am i doing? BLOGGING!

i need a house keeper, Ken almost laughed himself of his chair when i mentioned this. he cited money an the stumbling block.  i need to find someone who will let me pay them in knitted scarves and farmers market bags stitched from vintage sheets. and currently im working on the knitted farmers market bag. should be cute.

Monday, February 15, 2010

who's the big winner?

i wish i had 4 copies to give away, one for each of the four people who entered my contest, i like to call them my real friends, actually, now that i think about it, they ARE all my real friends, except renee whos now my honorary real friend. 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

awesome giveaway alert!

all im going to have to say is customized jewelry and i know you will dash right on over to see Rachel at #17 cherry tree lane

Saturday, February 13, 2010

im a liar, but with the best of intentions

i apologize to you my faithful friends, i vowed to blog every other day, and i didnt even keep it up for a week, im a liar, and im sorry.

but here.......

 is what i was doing instead of blogging, checking out the Anthropologie web site and drawing inspiration from their awesome spring tee shirts. thinking, i could make something similar to i did. i promise to post a pic as soon as i can get someone to take my picture

handing my Cannon 20d to a four year old and saying take mommys picture doesnt seem like that great of an idea, so i have to wait till daddy gets home. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

who wants to WIN?

i just finished a book. Water For Elephants was reccomended by my good friend Marci. as soon as she told me about how good it was i wrote the name of it and the author's name down in a place i COULDNT lose it, my arm. my arm seems to serve as a better notebook than my hand. if i use my hand as soon as i wash up, i lose my info, unless i write it with sharpie, then everyone i come in contact with for a week knows that i need cat food and kleenex . so i headed to Village Lights Bookstore downtown, where i have alot of used book credit.
they had it, and used at that. (although it appears a dog bit through the front cover, just one little set of teeth marks, no biggie)
when i finally got to start it (4 days later) i read until midnight! i love a book like that.
Water For Elephants is an amazing story of the main character's short term snap of insanity which led him down a road he never would have imagined, the road of the traveling circus.
as a story, riveting. there are a couple of vulgar scenes and at least one downright obscene depiction of the what we would now consider a stripper/prostitute working for the dollars of the men who would sneak around the back while their families watched the circus show, which gave me a feeling of the desperation of these people who would work the depression era circus.
i was amazed at the intellegence and the human like emotions of elephant, which i found out the author based on real stories of elephant antics.
so do you want to read it? post a comment, let me know. i will pick a winner on monday and send you my own dog bitten copy for your reading pleasure.


lots of this going on. there about 7 inches now compared to the 2 or so when i took these on saturday. its day 2 of no school. im sure they will go back tomorrow, unless it starts snowing again.

i also want to add that Ken is the best driveway shoveler, he cleans the whole driveway all the way into the street so theres no "ice bump" at the end of the driveway to maneuver over, he salts the whole driveway so there no snow or ice left. i am not so meticulous when i have to clean the driveway, i only do as much as i have to, which makes it a little treacherous when it freezes solid. im just glad we have a short driveway.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

just for funzies

and because i promised a blog posting every other day, i decided that since not much went on around here yesterday or today, i would go to the folder where i keep all my blog pics and post the seventh picture, whatever it may be.

last fathers day, since none of us girls have much extra green we decided (well, i did, and since im the oldest they have to agree, right?) to give dad a nice picture.

we nominated my BIL Sean to be the shutter-man and we arranged ourselves for a nice picture, and then found out that its not easy to get all of us with our eyes open and not either laughing or trying not  to laugh. this shot happens to be one of the "out-takes".

Friday, February 5, 2010

i knew this would happen

im getting sick :(

its a bummer, i havent been sick in months. i escaped the christmas stomach flu, i dodged the swine flu "epidemic". i out foxed multiple strains of cold virus, but something found me, finally.

now i cant stop sneezing, i have a sore throat and im tired. i already tried lying to myself and saying "eh, its just allergies, suck it up, buttercup." not so. 

i know what I usually suggest to sickly complainers for relief of their ailments. cider vinegar twice a day, raw minced  garlic (thanks Tricia) at night before bed. if youre like most folks then right now you have a disgusted look on your face and are saying "no thanks, id rather suffer"

*pause for HUGE sneeze*

what is your tried and true remedy for the common cold? id love to hear it.

and in the meantime, could someone pass the Puffs Plus?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

a key to simple living

it seems my blog has become a bit dry, my posting is infrequent and i know my faithful friends would say"oh, no, it hasnt, youre still as witty and insightful as you were a year ago, even more!" 

it would be a lie

so for at least the rest of the month i vow to post at least every other day, bath nights if you will.

and i will start this TODAY

with this little tidbit about living a more simple life:

 a year and a half ago we got rid of our cable, cable tv is not wrong, it is not wrong to have cable tv, it was wrong FOR US to be spending our time not to mention our money on something that was not only NOT growing us in our faith but was in fact showing us daily what we should be afraid of and worried about by the worlds standards. it was telling us what we should want (iphones,theres nothing wrong with iphone, i just dont need one, but the world tells me i should want one, a better car, why?) and it was hi-jacking our control of the content that came into our home and what was viewed by our 3 year old son.  that time the decision to get rid of the cable was a monetary reason, we were cutting ALL unnecessary costs. we have gained so much more than that 25 dollars per month back, there is no vegging out for hours while we could be playing games with our son (now 4) theres no discontent that theres nothing on worth watching and theres no panic when i think there was something inappropriate viewed by my son that i will have to explain to him later. we gained  peace and quiet, we gained more time for books and puzzles, we gained time to chat with each other all things that people cite as reasons they want their life to be more simple. 
what we have found is that if you want a simpler life, you have to cut out the things that are making your life complicated.