Saturday, February 20, 2010

all you who know me know one thing is true, i hate cleaning as much as i love cheese.

well, its house cleaning day again. i generally start telling myself its house cleaning day on thursday, i putter around on thursday, picking up this and that, throwing in a load of laundry here and there, then oh, look at the time! its 3 o clock time to go get The Boy from school. oh, well, theres always tomorrow i say.
friday i get up saying,ok, time to clean the house, i shower, take The Boy to school then come back and sit around drinking coffee with Ken until he decides he needs to get to work. then i may or may not sweep and clean the kitchen floor, and do the dishes. then i tend to get distracted Fun Monica tells us we should go thrifting while Responsible Monica says no, look we havent vacumned in 2 weeks! so then i say , oh, i can do that tomorrow with a dismissive wave of my dispan hand and Fun Monica has her way.

now, its tomorrow, bummer i have all the rest of my house work to do so what am i doing? BLOGGING!

i need a house keeper, Ken almost laughed himself of his chair when i mentioned this. he cited money an the stumbling block.  i need to find someone who will let me pay them in knitted scarves and farmers market bags stitched from vintage sheets. and currently im working on the knitted farmers market bag. should be cute.


Jessica said...

Feel free to bring "Fun Monica" to Florida & leave "Responsible Monica" behind!

Holly said...

"I hate cleaning as much as I love cheese." LOL - love it!

Anonymous said...

I'll come and clean for you--this time it won't be "moving out" cleaning--just "living in" cleaning!!

Plus, I always bring my own supplies!!!!!!!!

Amanda Jo said...

I'm with you on this cleaning stuff! I only clean when I know people are coming over - otherwise I can find a million excuses for putting it off for at least another day! ;)