Thursday, February 4, 2010

a key to simple living

it seems my blog has become a bit dry, my posting is infrequent and i know my faithful friends would say"oh, no, it hasnt, youre still as witty and insightful as you were a year ago, even more!" 

it would be a lie

so for at least the rest of the month i vow to post at least every other day, bath nights if you will.

and i will start this TODAY

with this little tidbit about living a more simple life:

 a year and a half ago we got rid of our cable, cable tv is not wrong, it is not wrong to have cable tv, it was wrong FOR US to be spending our time not to mention our money on something that was not only NOT growing us in our faith but was in fact showing us daily what we should be afraid of and worried about by the worlds standards. it was telling us what we should want (iphones,theres nothing wrong with iphone, i just dont need one, but the world tells me i should want one, a better car, why?) and it was hi-jacking our control of the content that came into our home and what was viewed by our 3 year old son.  that time the decision to get rid of the cable was a monetary reason, we were cutting ALL unnecessary costs. we have gained so much more than that 25 dollars per month back, there is no vegging out for hours while we could be playing games with our son (now 4) theres no discontent that theres nothing on worth watching and theres no panic when i think there was something inappropriate viewed by my son that i will have to explain to him later. we gained  peace and quiet, we gained more time for books and puzzles, we gained time to chat with each other all things that people cite as reasons they want their life to be more simple. 
what we have found is that if you want a simpler life, you have to cut out the things that are making your life complicated.  


amber said...

This is such a great post. I think it's awesome that you don't have cable. I don't think you're missing much! I also think that it gives you more opportunities to spend more quality time with your son. I hardly watched TV when I was little...I loved being outside more. More kids need to be raised without video games, computers, and tvs.

Tricia said...

amen sistah!

Amanda Jo said...

I agree with you completely! We didn't have cable until our apartment complex forced it upon us. We loved not having all the temptation to watch tv for hours on end.

(by forced on us I mean they signed a contract with Time Warner to provide cable for every apartment for a nominal fee which the complex would pass along to us - and we can't opt out of it. Nice, eh?)

Kelly said...

love this

Holly said...

Beautiful post.

Andy said...

we have had a similar experience since ditching our cable - definitely more time to read and connect with one another.

other than the occassionally depression over missing "the big game", we haven't really missed it

Leslie said...

right there with ya! Except of course when someone is mentioning a new episode of NCIS and I start to dream...sigh. I can always watch it online...although I find that I don't find the time for it...guess it's not that important after all, eh? ;-)

CM said...

We haven't had cable TV in years. My kids have NEVER had it and don't know they are missing anything. I can get 2 channels with rabbit ears in my bedroom, for news and Law & Order SVU. =) I do not miss television and when everyone else is freaking out over who is getting voted off of Idol or who the Biggest Loser is this week, I can happily shake my head and go pick up the book I'm reading or yes, go color or play with my children.