Friday, January 29, 2010

vintage envy

do you get vintage envy? i do, when i see a blog post about some awesome deal someone found at a rummage sale, i think, "Man, when do i ever find something THAT awesome?"

well todays the day ladies (and maybe the occasional gentleman)

may i present........

oh yeah!
i went to good will this morning looking for a lamp (can you believe it?) for our guest room (i broke the cheap schmultzy one that was in there this morning while assembling the bed) i thought, "well, any lamp will do" i just needed some light in there and then i saw her.... and i thought, that one will need a little make over and a shade, but i think it will work.

then, i spied her sister oooohhhh, 2 lamps that match? thats rare.
then i took her off the shelf and noticed that beneath all the dirt, dust, grime and a coat of antique white paint. they were...wait for it... the same green as my kitchen walls!!!
and look!!! 2 bucks each!

now i dont have to envy Liz.

and Mom, i hope you dont think theyre hideous because theyre going in your room.


amber said...


Amanda Jo said...

I'm jealous that you have lamps at your Goodwill for $2. Matching ones are VERY VERY rare! Great find! They're cute!

Tricia said...

I love those! I can't wait to take you to garage sales and thrift stores when you visit.

diana said...

rare find how are ye gonna get down to the green?

hilltopper said...

the paint is really easy to chip off, it may stay in all the little grooves and such but i think it will still look pretty good.

Holly said...

Awesome finds! I can't wait to see the lamps after you're finished with them!