Tuesday, April 29, 2008

under pressure

just when ya think , yep my kid is pretty smart for his age, hes pretty good at doing stuff 2 1/2 yr olds are supposed to do. some smarty pants kid and her or his care giver put ya right in your place. we had story time this afternoon. since it was a small group today, just 3 kids and the adults they belong to we got to chatting about education and im not sure, but i think we were having some kind of competition about what our kid could do.now of  the 3 kids, all born within 2 weeks of one another the girl, C, can already draw a nice happy face, with hair even, D is using the provided colored pencils as a wand. he accidentally makes a mark on the paper, C draws a nice picture of her nana, D "spells me out of here" with the "wand" the other boy, J, a nice quiet kid, (ill take that one home, can i get an amen) is a little closer to Ds skill level with the drawing making many spots of jaggedy edge scribbled shapes, ok so my kid isnt totally off track on that one, plus for the record he prefers paint to other mediums. so Js adult says "hey bud, what shape is this one" referring to a big square wood bead "Toop"  yep it was a cube, D is using a handful as blocks to which he will then knock down. J can sign, he shows us all how to sign octopus (he would probably spell it too if asked), C knows all the names of all the colors. now all this bothered me a little after all who wants to have the least brainy kid in the group but as i reviewed and compared their behavior i noticed something #1 i may have a nonconformist on my hands #2 my kid's communication and language skills ROCK, well we do talk, alot, in our family.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

my morning workout

you know me right? i do not workout. well this morning i got a workout, it was team kid sunday this is the day all the kids get their award medals and show off to all their families what they learned and what we do, at team kid. so we had to gather all the kids, only like 40, then we had a short practise of some of the songs but there werent that many coaches there yet so i helped lead the practice. i just want to pause here and thank Rev Vickie for starting practice with this up beat ditty called "i will dance i will sing". now the dance to this song goes like this jump up and down while spinning in a circle and clap along, do this for oh maybe 30-45 seconds straight, now that youre good and out of breath not to mention dizzy reach way up (stop spinning)then hands down near knees and move them to the right and then left quickly and repeatedly, hands on head shake your head as if youre confused repeat the last 3 steps then repeat the whole dance at least twice. this is what she started us out with! so i got my cardio workout. fourtunately the first thing on the schedule for the program was the TK play, which is like a fractured fairy tale version of a bible story, so i got to sit down (on the floor, it was a full house) watch my fellow coaches act like fools for the cause and listen to the little metallic clinks of 40 gold team kid medals.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

reigning vinyl queen

i like my job at heitz sign company , i know a few years ago embriodery lady would not have been an acceptable job title and before our sojourn to ohio i was not embroidery lady, at heitz sign company i was the (cue the music) banner girl! yep, if you needed a banner quick you could count on me, of course this wasnt my only duty  i  loved using the wall mounted power saw to cut down my sign blanks and the drill and the riveter i loved lifting 50 pound rolls of banner material, i wasnt about to settle for womens work. 
yesterday i got to do a little bit of what my previous position called for stripping old vinyl off of a truck and re lettering it with new phone numbers it was a nice day, i didnt mind being outside.  surprisingly after not touching the sign program on the computer for 4 YEARS i fell right back into it and the truck got a new phone number . its nice to know i can do it if im needed but i dont mind being embroidery lady and i dont have to prove to anyone that i can do "mens work".

Saturday, April 19, 2008

annual day off!

yesterday i took my annual day off this is when i take The Boy to the babysitter on one of the days when im not working and do things i want to do, it was nice i went to the library and didnt set foot in the youth room. i got to peruse the shelves of novels without having to stop and chase anyone out of the spaces at the bottom of the shelves, i got to linger in the biography section deciding who i wanted to learn more about. after this i took my library finds to The Downtowner, the best lunch place in town, provided you have all the time in the world , awesome food but they never have enough people working. i recommend the crabby asparagus soup, its excellent. most of the afternoon i spent wandering The Lumber Mill antique mall. i did not buy anything but i was seriously tempted by the vintage 50s pink toilet i found for $65.00. 

Thursday, April 17, 2008

we love it!

the boy begs me to to play this song (click here)
so heres a sound/video bit from our little corner of the world it is a Veggie Tale classic done over by Reliant K. we love it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

whos in charge here?

that'd be me, just call me head coach monica. our Team Kid head coach Todd will be having  therapy in AZ so from here on out, 3 TK weeks to go, im responsible!! im not stressing too much yet, maybe tomorrow (TK meeting day) . its a good thing theres alot of people to help me. the biggest stresser is our TK carnival is may 1 this is a big thing inflatables, pony rides, dunking booth, food, etc we are expecting about 300 kids!! is anyone from southwestern elementary not coming? so on thursday nite may 1, dont call me i will be tired, most likely sunburned and probably not a good conversationalist at that point. i will post pics so you can all see the craziness of this unique ministry which im so proud to be a part of.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

just like uncle david

boots on the wrong feet and an attituide to match, ive been dealing with what i can only figure, by all accounts given to me by older wiser moms, will never end the kid who has to learn the hard way. now that he can use the potty he has life all figured out and it does not include mom telling him what to do. what can i say, he always comes back for more hugs.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

springing spring

spring is springing, you can tell by the spilled bubble solution on my front porch. we replaced all the storm windows with screens on sunday, so yay, fresh air and the kitty is busy planning his escape lucky for me he's not as fast as he use to be, but still faster, i think, than a 14 year old cat should be. i was also able to hang clothes on the line, one of my favorite chores, its one of those mindless kind of tasks. i like to think about the first woman that used this clothes line when the house was built (1957) i imagine she probably didnt like hanging out clothes as much as i do since she than more than likely didnt have a choice. Say praise God for a dryer, even though i love my clothes line i dont want to HAVE to use it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Charlie Brown Gets a Backbone

I love Peanuts but ya know i sometimes feel so sorry for poor Chuck and i am so happy to see, that the last 2 days ol Chuck is finally standing up to someone, but not because he has been wronged, but because someone has taken advantage of his friends. way to go Charlie Brown.

Friday, April 4, 2008


welcome, friends, family and all who wander in. Yep, i finally decided to see what this blogging thing was all about i guess we will see how it goes. In a couple of weeks i may lose interest. but if i dont then i will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of small town existence with the rest of the modern world through song and interpretive dance, yeah, no not really.