Saturday, April 19, 2008

annual day off!

yesterday i took my annual day off this is when i take The Boy to the babysitter on one of the days when im not working and do things i want to do, it was nice i went to the library and didnt set foot in the youth room. i got to peruse the shelves of novels without having to stop and chase anyone out of the spaces at the bottom of the shelves, i got to linger in the biography section deciding who i wanted to learn more about. after this i took my library finds to The Downtowner, the best lunch place in town, provided you have all the time in the world , awesome food but they never have enough people working. i recommend the crabby asparagus soup, its excellent. most of the afternoon i spent wandering The Lumber Mill antique mall. i did not buy anything but i was seriously tempted by the vintage 50s pink toilet i found for $65.00. 

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