Sunday, April 27, 2008

my morning workout

you know me right? i do not workout. well this morning i got a workout, it was team kid sunday this is the day all the kids get their award medals and show off to all their families what they learned and what we do, at team kid. so we had to gather all the kids, only like 40, then we had a short practise of some of the songs but there werent that many coaches there yet so i helped lead the practice. i just want to pause here and thank Rev Vickie for starting practice with this up beat ditty called "i will dance i will sing". now the dance to this song goes like this jump up and down while spinning in a circle and clap along, do this for oh maybe 30-45 seconds straight, now that youre good and out of breath not to mention dizzy reach way up (stop spinning)then hands down near knees and move them to the right and then left quickly and repeatedly, hands on head shake your head as if youre confused repeat the last 3 steps then repeat the whole dance at least twice. this is what she started us out with! so i got my cardio workout. fourtunately the first thing on the schedule for the program was the TK play, which is like a fractured fairy tale version of a bible story, so i got to sit down (on the floor, it was a full house) watch my fellow coaches act like fools for the cause and listen to the little metallic clinks of 40 gold team kid medals.

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newsphotoken said...

Call me a delicate flower, but I cried when all the kids started singing "My Redeemer Lives" in unison.
Your workout was for God for sure.

Love you,

The Hubby