Wednesday, April 23, 2008

reigning vinyl queen

i like my job at heitz sign company , i know a few years ago embriodery lady would not have been an acceptable job title and before our sojourn to ohio i was not embroidery lady, at heitz sign company i was the (cue the music) banner girl! yep, if you needed a banner quick you could count on me, of course this wasnt my only duty  i  loved using the wall mounted power saw to cut down my sign blanks and the drill and the riveter i loved lifting 50 pound rolls of banner material, i wasnt about to settle for womens work. 
yesterday i got to do a little bit of what my previous position called for stripping old vinyl off of a truck and re lettering it with new phone numbers it was a nice day, i didnt mind being outside.  surprisingly after not touching the sign program on the computer for 4 YEARS i fell right back into it and the truck got a new phone number . its nice to know i can do it if im needed but i dont mind being embroidery lady and i dont have to prove to anyone that i can do "mens work".


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite parts of your blog is the weekly playlist mmm

Marci said...

Being a former co-worker, I could vouch for your abilities without blinking! Go girl!