Tuesday, April 29, 2008

under pressure

just when ya think , yep my kid is pretty smart for his age, hes pretty good at doing stuff 2 1/2 yr olds are supposed to do. some smarty pants kid and her or his care giver put ya right in your place. we had story time this afternoon. since it was a small group today, just 3 kids and the adults they belong to we got to chatting about education and im not sure, but i think we were having some kind of competition about what our kid could do.now of  the 3 kids, all born within 2 weeks of one another the girl, C, can already draw a nice happy face, with hair even, D is using the provided colored pencils as a wand. he accidentally makes a mark on the paper, C draws a nice picture of her nana, D "spells me out of here" with the "wand" the other boy, J, a nice quiet kid, (ill take that one home, can i get an amen) is a little closer to Ds skill level with the drawing making many spots of jaggedy edge scribbled shapes, ok so my kid isnt totally off track on that one, plus for the record he prefers paint to other mediums. so Js adult says "hey bud, what shape is this one" referring to a big square wood bead "Toop"  yep it was a cube, D is using a handful as blocks to which he will then knock down. J can sign, he shows us all how to sign octopus (he would probably spell it too if asked), C knows all the names of all the colors. now all this bothered me a little after all who wants to have the least brainy kid in the group but as i reviewed and compared their behavior i noticed something #1 i may have a nonconformist on my hands #2 my kid's communication and language skills ROCK, well we do talk, alot, in our family.


Rachel said...

It amazes me that D can have conversations now, just like a little tiny adult. He was excellent at pointing out the various trucks in his book (and the way he says "ambulance" is too cute), and he's cognitively developed enough to pretend to ... ahem ... "water" the cat. I'd say he's a darn good kid, and one who always surprises his Uncle Halbert and me with his vocabulary and pitiful pleas to take him home with us. :)

Aunt Rachel

Marci said...

D is much cuter too, I'm sure! I also think D has cognitive abilities as Auntie mention above. Although I haven't seen him in SUCH a long time. Shall I rectify that with a road trip?