Friday, May 2, 2008

the moment you've all been waiting for

jump around, this is a TK carnival mainstay, you cannot have a TK carnival without a jump around.
i love this one, that girl looks so happy to be at TK carnival!
hayley goes incognito
heather gets smart
this game was so funny to watch, incase youve never seen this,on the other side of that big blue post theres another kid strapped in exactly like Nicholas here is strapped in. now the funny part is theres only one bungee which runs through a hole in the post they're each strapped to one end of the bungee, and at the whistle they struggle to make as many baskets as possible in the alotted amount of time, and when one pulls hard the other is pulled up against the post. fun stuff.
 in other carnival news, for the first time EVER i did not get sun burned or heat stroke i did however suffer the greatest indignity a coach can suffer, i got pied, i just want to state for the record that my pieing request was denied, i told rev vickie that should i ever get pied, i wanted chocolate, there was no chocolate in that pie it was just a drippy mess of half melted reddi whip which after about 30 seconds started to smell like old milk. on the bright side , i did not have to work the apple bob the kids LOVE he apple bob, it must be the messiness of it, these kids come out SOAKED and only a kid will stick their whole head into a tub that has everyone else's God only knows what floating on the surface.ewww. i tried to say no apple bob this year and rumor has it the fifth graders were organizing an  uprising so we gave in.

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Leslie said...

Glad to finally find your blog! :)

Love the TK carnival stuff...thank you for staying away from the craft need to see my ugly mug here! hehehe :)