Sunday, May 29, 2011

something un expected

since mostly only my friends and family read this blog, and you all know that things just arent quite what some would consider "normal" at the Ritchie house, im going to tell you about my strange new discovery.

but first how it happened
i expect a friend over for lunch on friday, i made chicken salad sandwiches, a cheese and cracker tray and put out some lemon chalet girl scout cookies. it was all very fancy .

but my friend couldnt make it, at the last minute, so D and i sat down to my fancy lunch, had lemonade and sandwiches and cheese and crackers, the cheeses were cheddar and havarti (which i love). D declared he didnt like the havarti because it sounded too much like farty (classy, i know)
so i put a half plate of havarti uncovered in the fridge for ken when he got home.

he didnt see the cheese tray at all, it got pushed to the back, i found it this morning, still uncovered.

this is where it gets good, im not one to waste cheese so although it was dry like cheese jerky, i thought , Meh, what the heck and took a bite...YUM. yes, dried cheese jerky, the havarti was good because it didnt get oily like the cheddar did.

i think it may have now eaten cheese in its every form, and i like it, alot.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

i found it!

i found a great book shelf for a great price. while out looking for garage sales we drove by a house that had 3 book shelves sitting out on their driveway, 2 were tall and looked like pre-fab pressed wood, but this guy, made of real wood, had a 15 dollar price tag on him. before i had fully taken in the greatness of the find, i told Ken "i'd give them 10 for it" just then someone came out of the house, it was Mr. Hodges, someone we knew from around town. Ken offered him 10, he checked with his brother in law who's shelf it was and the brother in law said he would take 10, he told us that it had been in his room when he was a little boy.

so we now have a solution to our busting book shelf problem. it needs to be cleaned up a little and maybe a coat of stain or paint.
also, my fabric for my kitchen curtains came today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

im not buying it

i found this doodle on my grocery list

im not sure if its a siamese cat, or a chiuhaua. whatever it not buying it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ya wanna know?

I dont really LIKE raw spinach, i eat it...with alot of dressing and other stuff because i know its super healthy, but it leaves a weird frictiony feeling on my teeth.

i drink seltzer to cut down my sugar intake. once i opened a bottle, cautiously, but not cautiously enough, it sprayed me in the face like a cartoon seltzer bottle. i seriously about fell over laughing at the whole incident.

yesterday while doing a little un productive worrying, i thought, what i need is a professional worrier, i tell my worrier whats worrying me, and they sit and worry and stress eat and wring their hands and go prematurely grey while i go about my day, mind at ease.

of course i wouldnt wish my worry on any person, but it would be just as productive, right?

i know, give your worry to God you say, but sometimes i like to keep that worry, i know you do too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

used books and 3 links to bands

this weekend was the friends of the library book sale, one of my favorite events of the season, i got a couple of good titles...i didnt make it there until sunday...the pickens were starting to get slim, Dominic got more than i did.

we also enjoyed the folk festival , they had this awesome fish tank, showing common fish of the ohio river valley we spent quite a while there IDing some of the fish.

the music was so good, i especially liked The Wiyos, Hogeye Navvy, and The Tillers.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

the estate sale

i always feel a little bad getting excited about estate sales. after all, it does mean that someone lost their family this particular sale, i faound LOTS of awesome stuff , including this mirror, it came with a matching shelf, im seeing it painted black, i considered selling it on my etsy shop but i really like it...and i really dont want to ship a mirror, but i would sell the shelf.
one of the best odds and ends pieces i found were these great old kitchen shears, i considered keeping them but decided to share the wealth and sell them.

at this sale i also found something i have wanted for years, those wonderful vintage 1950s, super sturdy, woven wood hampers with solid wood hinged lids, there were great condition, they need paint, but wow, im keeping those.

the ladies running the sale were relieved to sell the mirror and hampers and one of them said she was glad they were going to a good home, she had been afraid that nobody would buy them, and Goodwill apparently wasnt an option for these particular pieces of their loved one's estate.

Monday, May 9, 2011

annnnd, GO

so, so , so much going on in the next couple of weeks! there WILL be pictures, i know, you have all been so patient with me while i was in my bloggers funk (actually, it was a general life funk, and im so glad its over!)

saturday... we are going to spring clean at Kent Baptist, inside and out so get out your silver/brass polish and lets polish those crosses and communion cups.
sunday...hmm except church gathering...nothing that i can think of
Monday...Cubs vs Reds at cincinatti!! yay!! i cant wait, i dont think Cow will be coming this time, Cow has been relegated to use only when The Boy needs his tears wiped off. now its all about Beaver, so maybe Beaver will get his chance to go to the game.
next thur...spring concert
Friday KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION!!!!! can you believe it?! i can im not the kind of mom (yet) who says has it been 5 years already? i say..we worked hard and played hard to get him where he is in life right now, and its so much fun AND so much work.
then all weekend....THE FOLK FESTIVAL! i seriously ...cant wait! and there are so mant friends and family members and faux family members that i so wish could come and enjoy this with me its going to be so much fun.

so....there will be pictures, hold me to it! really, i need to get back to entertaining you mean journaling my life, yep, thats why i do it, certainly not to entertain you ok, maybe a little for entertainment.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

-i want summer!!!

these pictures from the past are posted as a ruse to get you to agree with me....this spring has been a huge letdown!
and on top of that...i have my yearly case of laryngitis.
so when you read this using my voice...hear my pathetic whisper.

mmmmm.cant wait until things start growing...any seed that has been planted thus far is officially drowned from the weeks and weeks of rain.
ooooohhhh, shorts and flip flops, when will the day come? currently i am wearing shoes, and my feet are still cold, we havent even ditched the electric blanket for the season.
and dining alfresco....theres not much to add here, i think you get my point

im just hoping for a really GREAT summer, like the one 2 years ago...that was nice, all 80's all the time......excuse me while i escape into my daydream.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

my mothers day post

because i dont know if i will blog again before sunday....

sean, katie, dominic, me, lindsay and david
happy mothers day mom, and mom and momma, and Laura .

i picked this picture from my scores of photos because it has all 4 of us watson kids. plus Sean.

my dad took this picture on the weekend of Katie and Seans wedding, i think it was shortly before they left for their honeymoon.

it makes me chuckle whenever i see it because Katies eyes are closed, dominic is close to crying, lindsay looks in a hurry to get the picture over with and david looks bored with the whole situation. i do wonder what sean is thinking and i of course never mind having my picture taken. i credit that to you mom, after all, it was you wasnt it who started snapping a camera in mt face the day i was born? and never let up either. :)