Monday, May 9, 2011

annnnd, GO

so, so , so much going on in the next couple of weeks! there WILL be pictures, i know, you have all been so patient with me while i was in my bloggers funk (actually, it was a general life funk, and im so glad its over!)

saturday... we are going to spring clean at Kent Baptist, inside and out so get out your silver/brass polish and lets polish those crosses and communion cups.
sunday...hmm except church gathering...nothing that i can think of
Monday...Cubs vs Reds at cincinatti!! yay!! i cant wait, i dont think Cow will be coming this time, Cow has been relegated to use only when The Boy needs his tears wiped off. now its all about Beaver, so maybe Beaver will get his chance to go to the game.
next thur...spring concert
Friday KINDERGARTEN GRADUATION!!!!! can you believe it?! i can im not the kind of mom (yet) who says has it been 5 years already? i say..we worked hard and played hard to get him where he is in life right now, and its so much fun AND so much work.
then all weekend....THE FOLK FESTIVAL! i seriously ...cant wait! and there are so mant friends and family members and faux family members that i so wish could come and enjoy this with me its going to be so much fun.

so....there will be pictures, hold me to it! really, i need to get back to entertaining you mean journaling my life, yep, thats why i do it, certainly not to entertain you ok, maybe a little for entertainment.

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Jessica said...

I'm glad you're out of your funk! While we benefit with your blogging, I'm mostly glad for you. I hate when I'm in a funk, I just never quite feel myself & it's just "weird."