Saturday, May 7, 2011

-i want summer!!!

these pictures from the past are posted as a ruse to get you to agree with me....this spring has been a huge letdown!
and on top of that...i have my yearly case of laryngitis.
so when you read this using my voice...hear my pathetic whisper.

mmmmm.cant wait until things start growing...any seed that has been planted thus far is officially drowned from the weeks and weeks of rain.
ooooohhhh, shorts and flip flops, when will the day come? currently i am wearing shoes, and my feet are still cold, we havent even ditched the electric blanket for the season.
and dining alfresco....theres not much to add here, i think you get my point

im just hoping for a really GREAT summer, like the one 2 years ago...that was nice, all 80's all the time......excuse me while i escape into my daydream.

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