Thursday, May 5, 2011

my mothers day post

because i dont know if i will blog again before sunday....

sean, katie, dominic, me, lindsay and david
happy mothers day mom, and mom and momma, and Laura .

i picked this picture from my scores of photos because it has all 4 of us watson kids. plus Sean.

my dad took this picture on the weekend of Katie and Seans wedding, i think it was shortly before they left for their honeymoon.

it makes me chuckle whenever i see it because Katies eyes are closed, dominic is close to crying, lindsay looks in a hurry to get the picture over with and david looks bored with the whole situation. i do wonder what sean is thinking and i of course never mind having my picture taken. i credit that to you mom, after all, it was you wasnt it who started snapping a camera in mt face the day i was born? and never let up either. :)

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Momma said...

Thanks sweetie!!