Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ya wanna know?

I dont really LIKE raw spinach, i eat it...with alot of dressing and other stuff because i know its super healthy, but it leaves a weird frictiony feeling on my teeth.

i drink seltzer to cut down my sugar intake. once i opened a bottle, cautiously, but not cautiously enough, it sprayed me in the face like a cartoon seltzer bottle. i seriously about fell over laughing at the whole incident.

yesterday while doing a little un productive worrying, i thought, what i need is a professional worrier, i tell my worrier whats worrying me, and they sit and worry and stress eat and wring their hands and go prematurely grey while i go about my day, mind at ease.

of course i wouldnt wish my worry on any person, but it would be just as productive, right?

i know, give your worry to God you say, but sometimes i like to keep that worry, i know you do too.

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Amanda Jo said...

SO WEIRD! I totally just posted about our biggest worry!

I dawned on me as I read your post - doesn't Christ want to be our professional worrier? (not to demote Him from God or anything, just sayin').

Obviously, He is better than a professional worrier. We bring out petitions to Him and He gets to work. He brings our petition before the Father and works ALL THINGS out for those who love Him.

Thank you for such a sweet reminder. Great minds think alike, no?