Sunday, May 29, 2011

something un expected

since mostly only my friends and family read this blog, and you all know that things just arent quite what some would consider "normal" at the Ritchie house, im going to tell you about my strange new discovery.

but first how it happened
i expect a friend over for lunch on friday, i made chicken salad sandwiches, a cheese and cracker tray and put out some lemon chalet girl scout cookies. it was all very fancy .

but my friend couldnt make it, at the last minute, so D and i sat down to my fancy lunch, had lemonade and sandwiches and cheese and crackers, the cheeses were cheddar and havarti (which i love). D declared he didnt like the havarti because it sounded too much like farty (classy, i know)
so i put a half plate of havarti uncovered in the fridge for ken when he got home.

he didnt see the cheese tray at all, it got pushed to the back, i found it this morning, still uncovered.

this is where it gets good, im not one to waste cheese so although it was dry like cheese jerky, i thought , Meh, what the heck and took a bite...YUM. yes, dried cheese jerky, the havarti was good because it didnt get oily like the cheddar did.

i think it may have now eaten cheese in its every form, and i like it, alot.


Anonymous said...

Funny kid. Sounds like another Ritchie kid I know. Maybe that should be Ritchie kids!!!

hapi said...

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