Sunday, May 15, 2011

the estate sale

i always feel a little bad getting excited about estate sales. after all, it does mean that someone lost their family this particular sale, i faound LOTS of awesome stuff , including this mirror, it came with a matching shelf, im seeing it painted black, i considered selling it on my etsy shop but i really like it...and i really dont want to ship a mirror, but i would sell the shelf.
one of the best odds and ends pieces i found were these great old kitchen shears, i considered keeping them but decided to share the wealth and sell them.

at this sale i also found something i have wanted for years, those wonderful vintage 1950s, super sturdy, woven wood hampers with solid wood hinged lids, there were great condition, they need paint, but wow, im keeping those.

the ladies running the sale were relieved to sell the mirror and hampers and one of them said she was glad they were going to a good home, she had been afraid that nobody would buy them, and Goodwill apparently wasnt an option for these particular pieces of their loved one's estate.

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