Monday, March 30, 2009

its what i crave.

this is it. this is what i crave. a friend of mine has family in TX and when they visit TX they bring back all kinds of mexican candy. last time i visited her house her oldest daughter offered me this, i had never had this particular type of Lucas before although i have eaten other things from this brand, i LOVE it, i want more, sadly when i asked my friend if there was more, she said that the kids had eaten it all :( 

i looked on the net, i couldnt find THIS exact product, i may have to try a similar kind.

Friday, March 27, 2009

im loving your knock knock jokes! keep em coming. i really do get a chuckle out of reading them, mainly because i know you (well some of you personally, some bolg only) and if i dont know your voice, tone and inflection, rest assured that you have been assigned one in my head. you all sound very nice up there and sing beautifully, except for one particular blog friend who claimed that if it were her husbands dying wish that she sing Amazing Grace at his funeral that she would hand out earplugs at the door. in answer to the OJ question sorry, i dont really know how many oranges you need to make a pitcher, i used 4 tangerines to make D a glass, im sure i will eventually make a pitcher, i will let you know the amount i needed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

are we telling jokes?

i have been teaching D the art of telling knock knock jokes, but i only know like 4. 
duane the bathtub...check
banana, banana, banana, orange...check
lettuce entertain you...check
 and my favorite, we are still working on the timing though,
 interrupting cow...
i need your knock knock jokes, its my lifes dream to be the stage mother of a mini vaudeville comedian....or a great stage actor.

Monday, March 23, 2009

making OJ

we found that juicer we were after on friday. when i did my walmart run for the week, i looked in the kitchen gadget section only to find the flimsiest, cheapest juicer imaginable for 3.00 so D and i headed over to the lumber mill where i found this well used lovely for a whopping 4.00. i know, what youre thinking, quite a splurge. 
it would have been a deal at twice the price, and my boy's face when he got to drink OJ that he helped make, nothing can buy that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

big foot

look at my beautiful baby's foot. we posted this pic on Ds blog 3 1/2 years ago.

 he just started wearing a new pair of shoes this week, size 10. 


but, on the up side, i no longer change diapers and he can get his own drink of water (he is very proud of this accomplishment)

sometimes in the morning he will come and crawl in bed with me after the alarm goes off, i am late for work on these mornings.the boy wont always want snuggles from mommy, the work will still be there if im ten minutes late.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thanks! *kisskiss*

but i cant take credit for my AWESOME new header, ken took the picture and laid it out and called me to ask me for my password so he could post it for me. what can i say

my husband rocks (and rolls)
im starting to think cream cheese is the best condiment ever invented.
you can eat it with anything
you can make alfredo sauce out of it.

countless desserts, hello cheesecake.

combine it with anything tomato and im happy

the only thing i cant figure out is how to make it into a drink.

Friday, March 13, 2009

so exciting (whos with me!)

i seriously screamed like a jr high girl at a jonas brothers concert when i saw this!!!!!!

chicago vintage and antique market!!!!!! (insert high pitched squeal here!)

now where to find the $$$ to fund my trip? hmmmm. ok, lets think what i have to sell, my kidneys, im told i really only need one.

im taking suggestions.

Friday, March 6, 2009

is it you?

ya know that being nice to my friends thing that i talked about last week? i just want to praise God that i have ONE friend who would NEVER want me to just be nice to her, and who i would NEVER want for her to just be nice to me. im sure you know who you are.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

with the front door flung wide open and clothes flapping on the clothes line i present my winter whitened face to the world and yell "it must be spring" the birds all chirp in agreement as i dance, laundry basket in hand.

---and scene---

and we got to go out and play too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

are you wondering...

why there are a herd of brachiosaurus on my blog?

theyre my favorite dinosaur, duh, why else?

actually, when i was a little kid i loved the brontosaurus, but now, there is no brontosaurus, its true (i think) now they filled in the missing bones and they call it apotosaurus, not as much fun to say. so now its brachiosaurus all the way, i like the long neck and tail and the fact that they are nice and dont eat other dinosaurs.

now some smart alecky kid is going to comment and dispute my "facts" arent they?

well, go ahead kid, tell me all about it, i still like the brachiosaurus best, but second place goes to triceratops.

Monday, March 2, 2009

i was nice!

even though i didnt want to be. it all happened at the walmart pharmacy.

do i even need to say more?

i didnt raise my voice OR roll my eyes OR use a snippy tone with the clerk, i told her i understood why they had a policy for putting your prescription back on the shelf after 9 days of no pickup but that i hadnt been aware of it when i dropped it off. then i left.

small victories folks.  :0/

Sunday, March 1, 2009

free! yay!

go here for your free kashi entree! its free, go, now!

the details

i have been asked for details on my wordless wednesday pic:

this picture was taken in march of 1980 thats me (obviously) and my dad and my little brother David behind me, in this picture i am 3.5 and my brother is about 18 months old. we are at the beach in san deigo, california where  my dad was stationed until i was 5. then we moved back to the land of the ice and snow also known as waterloo, iowa.

detail facts brought to you by mrs. monica's mom.