Tuesday, March 17, 2009

im starting to think cream cheese is the best condiment ever invented.
you can eat it with anything
you can make alfredo sauce out of it.

countless desserts, hello cheesecake.

combine it with anything tomato and im happy

the only thing i cant figure out is how to make it into a drink.


amber said...

My mom makes the best Marble bars ever and they have cream cheese in them.

Cream cheese drink? Um. . ☺

I like your new header!

Amanda Jo said...

Cheesecake milkshake maybe?

Kelly said...

I agree. Yummmm

Love the new spring-y header. Did you take the picture?

Tricia said...

Your new header is gorgeous!
I remember sitting under a tree with my cousin, eating cream cheese on white bread when I was about 5, thinking it was the most delicious sandwich ever.

Ms. Math said...

I adore cream cheese! It is incredible how many uses that one product has. If you find a drink, I want to hear about it!

Gorgeous new header! I LOVE it!

Marci said...

cheese....'nough said.

Rachel said...

When I had braces, I couldn't eat bagels ... so I would fork up some cream cheese and eat that instead. :) I had a marvelous cream cheese brownie in Chicago last year -- if we ever make it there, I'll take you to the place and we can drool together.