Friday, March 27, 2009

im loving your knock knock jokes! keep em coming. i really do get a chuckle out of reading them, mainly because i know you (well some of you personally, some bolg only) and if i dont know your voice, tone and inflection, rest assured that you have been assigned one in my head. you all sound very nice up there and sing beautifully, except for one particular blog friend who claimed that if it were her husbands dying wish that she sing Amazing Grace at his funeral that she would hand out earplugs at the door. in answer to the OJ question sorry, i dont really know how many oranges you need to make a pitcher, i used 4 tangerines to make D a glass, im sure i will eventually make a pitcher, i will let you know the amount i needed.


Amanda Jo said...

I'm kind of shocked you remember that answer! Haha! I stand by it firmly. :)

I don't know any other knock knock jokes. I'm kinda lame.

hilltopper said...

i got a mind like a steel trap sista!

i thought it was hilarious.

Ms. Math said...

Yay! I'm so excited that I sing beautifully! I wish I could hear myself in your head! :)