Monday, September 29, 2008

im a good friend!!

look what MS. Math thinks of me. im so flattered! i would give it right back to her but i think youre suppose to pass it on so im gonna pass it to someone who's relatively new to blogging, 
ITS YOU KELLY!!! now run up to the podium and grab it out of my hands blowing kisses to your adoring fans all the way.

kelly and i both have 3 yr old boys, we were in the same "play group" when the boys were babies, 2 years ago i moved away from ohio but kelly and i had sporadically stayed in touch until the launch of her blog, where i now visit almost every day and vice versa.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

around town

as you well know there was alot going on around town this weekend. we hit the downtown and art festival this afternoon with a couple of friends. so i have pics and links for you.

cute poster and some bead jewelry at whimsy

if you really love me you will buy me this purse!

what can i say! top row all different kinds of malted milk balls, bottom row gummies of all shapes and sizes, we opted for worms, a family favorite. mundts candies on main street

just for fun! this store is rarely open unless by appointment but it rocks, they specialize in archetectural salvage, you know i love that!


artist joan schulte's booth was the one in the whole festival that i loved the best, she told me she prints the photos on transparency film and mounts them to wood panels and recycled, weathered wood floor planks using primer as her adhesive. she pays no mind to nail holes, dings and scuffs and gives it a light sanding around the edges. you cant really see that in her web site but her photos are definately worth taking a look at and although im not too crazy about her cover still life of the creepy mannequin in a hat she has a nice slide show gallery.


Friday, September 26, 2008


my car hates me.

every time i get out it shocks me when i close the door, i have to prepare for the shock and touch the metal before i close the door or it catches me by surprise.

thats not the kind of surprise that i look forward to.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

fun weekend ahead

come on out folks downtown Madison is going to be bristling with activity starting tomorrow night

friday night: art jam, free trolley rides, free snacks and punch at Whimsy and the Good Life, mudcat pottery will be open, the downtowner has personal pizzas and sandwiches that are to die for if you want to go out for dinner dont miss it! 

Saturday:chatauqua starts we are talking blocks and blocks and blocks of fine art, jewelry, pottery, baskets, wearables etc. also old court days flea market around the courthouse where you can patronize our HUMC pie and ice cream booth and sample my home made pie (if theres any left when you get there). and dont forget the friends of the library book sale.
saturday night, at the broadway fountain the doctors band, they are a fun gang check it.

sunday more chatauqua and old court days, Vandi and Alex are coming to visit and take a look around our charming town.

but seriously, free trolley rides are going to be the hilight of the weekend. oh and Nancy makes GREAT punch for the grownups so whimsy is a must. so as they say, be there or be square (nobody says that)(ok my mom says that)(so what now youre calling me a dork)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

what would you do?

ok kids, i got a question for you

what are you going to do today to show God that you love him? sing his praises read the word, share the word, be nice to someone who needs it, these are little things, think bigger if you want.

then comment and tell me about it if you want to or keep it between you and God, he loves that kind of thing!
you have your mission, go forth, and be a blessing.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my odd job

inspired by heather at mindless junque i give you... my odd job. it wasnt actually the job that was odd but the family that owned it.
when my hubby was stationed at Ft Hood, TX i was a trained travel agent, so of course i needed to find a travel agency to hire little old me cute as a button but not too savvy on office policy and dress as im shown by my 20/20 hindsight. i was hired by,K, the daughter of the texan owner (here after known as cowboy j) she was that kind of person that just doesnt get me although she was politely nice  i suspect she soon realized she may have hired the wrong gal. she had a chic little bobbed haircut and a banana republic style i wished i could afford (make mine old navy). i on the other hand made my own jewelry and had no idea that i could have tamed these curls with a bit of a styling product. now that i think about it, i wonder why she even hired me. her mother, M, was suspicious and forgetful, not a good combo when you are in the habit of hiding money, the recycling man had more than once brought envelopes of cash that M had hidden in the old ticket stubs and forgotten. M had this dyed red hair that formed a kind of  protective helmet, only the roots touched her head, and it jiggled like cherry jello when she moved her head. now for cowboy j he drove a lincoln continental with horns on the front, like boss hog! cowboy boots, jeans with a sharp crease down the front and of course his hat was cowboy js uniform and along with the old texan dress comes the old texan mentality, which would lead to my downfall.
cowboy j called a staff meeting one thursday afternoon, he asked us all what we would think of implimenting a ticketing fee, for reasons i cant remember now, i opposed the ticketing fee. well, everyone else somehow knew this wasnt a question, it was a statement not meant for opposition. when a cowboy asks a lady a question like this i learned hes only being polite.the next day was payday, K handed me my check at the door gave my the sweater i had on the back of my chair and told me they needed someone with a little more experience, sorry. imagine my confusion.

but thank you God for, my next job which led me to 4 of my bestest friends ever, and my new career.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

what you missed

two little feet
(i apologize to the person to whom this scroll stoop railing belongs but i couldnt pass up the shot.)
leaving Allways Pottery where we spent an hour or so creating the best dog (Ds) and fish (mine) figurines we could muster. i did have to reiterate, more than a few times, that its not polite to put your brush on someone elses project .

 note: these two pictures i was about to post saturday night (before the storm) and i didnt feel like waiting for them to load so i didnt plan on posting them until sunday after church, but we came home to no power.

now for the ture hi light of the week without power!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY R.H. (also known as the best teen babysitter on the planet!)
D loves her to death, in fact when asked last week   "who's the queen?"   (the correct answer is mommy) he said R.H. of course she got a giggle out of that. WE LOVE YOU, SWEETIE PIE!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

goose gets festive

i want to make my goose a little more festive so heres where i take your opinions, the good, the bad (i.e. dress her up like a ninja, you know who you are) and the ugly.  but lets stay away from the flea market "goose outfit" with the cape and hat, ok? shes way too hip for the mainstream.

i need fall and winter ideas so you have your mission should you choose to accept it.

power to the people!

heres how it all started, and the true blogger i am wanted you all to be able to see this once in a lifetime phenomenon, above , thats out the back door 
heres what it looked like going down the hill so we could go over the bridge into KY and get some DQ.
this is the craziest thing i had seen so far that day, the wind was literally picking up the water, i have never seen white caps on the ohio river and hope never to again.

so after having no power for the last 6 days  here are the top 5 best thing about not having power (did i mention it was for 6 days?)

#5 the whole town found out we really CAN live without Mc Donalds (at least for 3 days)

#4 get to go to bed early

#3 the inside of the fridge gets a much needed scrubbing (not fun at the time but at least its all clean and sparkling now)

#2 the Duke Energy weight loss plan, eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, raw, fresh fruit and drink water for 6 days and we guarantee you will be at least one dress size smaller (side effects include frequent urination and a distaste for peanut butter)

#1 relaxation, you really wouldnt believe how relaxing it is to sit around at night reading quietly by candle light. (i finished off this book about Mother Angelica it was so good, you have to read it.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

so blessed

the power is still out! but... we have a gas water heater, yay! power is not expected back on until friday :( dinner should be interesting, PB&J anyone?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my power is out!!

check out all the damage on the madison courier web site!

Friday, September 12, 2008

friday find!

check out these fun shoes! my sis in law linked them in a blog post and i wanted to pass it along. i got a chuckle out of the womens style "split decision".

in other news, God is working, working ,working with us. you know it gets scary and uncomfortable when God starts working and you get to a point where if someone talks to you youre either going to cry or throw up, now im not currently a cryer (that may change before God is done) but i am a barfer (not proud of that but sometimes my nerves get the best of me, no comment please, mom) so while crying may give you red eyes and a runny nose, barfing leaves a little more evidence.

we are being pulled to step out in faith and challenged to live in the present moment. 

this is really hard. i mean you have to kind of plan things for the future but when you dont even know what the future looks like how can you plan!!! man, i just realized this would be even harder if i were actually a planner... oh, praise God that im not a planner!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

thou shalt not covet

i know you cant help it when you see this, this was a belated birthday present from my dear ol'dad. i got the ipod shuffe for christmas and i LOVE it it was my favorite christmas gift in a really long time but i found that the cord sometimes got in the way, minor annoyance. when i found this headset at the mac store i so wanted it but it was too expensive i couldnt justify the spending when the earbuds worked fine so i just wished and hoped and dreamed until my dad called me and asked me the age old question, "what do you want for your birthday"  and for the first time i think in my LIFE i knew exactly what i wanted (no not a red rider bb gun with a compass and a stock and a thing that tells time) and he must love me best of all because he sweetened the deal with an i tunes gift card! my dad rocks! and it was so cool i dont even care that its 2 months late! love ya daddy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my evening

we went to the play ground by the bridge as per the boy's request. but i think his real motive was to get some DQ, just across the bridge in milton, ky theres a DQ where daddy always takes him when they are done playing, they like to get an oreo blizzard and share it, daddy seems to think if you let the boy do the ordering you get more oreo pieces, so you might try that sometime if you have a blizzard craving and an adorable kid at your disposal.
i have never seen a kid struggle to slide so slowly as when i say "one more slide and then we have to go" what fun is it to slide slow, the idea of the slide is to go fast, though the metal slides they had when i was a kid went so much faster, and didnt generate static electricity. these modern plastic (read: safe) slides are for the birds.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

my junk drawer

i needed a pencil sharpener this morning, for my eyebrow pencil, i know where there is one but its a matter of getting to it. its in the place where i put things that i want , but dont know when i will need. the junk drawer. in there you will find the good the bad and the just plain strange. tape of all different varieties, scotch, packing , masking, correction and my fave blue painters. i found a coupon for jif peanut butter that had expired in february, a dinousaur stamper, various nuts, bolts, screws and picture hanging hardware. there was a manual for a carseat that i have had for 2 years and if i dont know how to use it by now theres not much hope for me as a parent. hammer, clothes pins, putty knife door stop, giant rubber band.... and..... pencil sharpener! yay, i found it!
now theres the problem of getting everything back to the place it was so i can close the drawer. 
and no i cant throw any of this away, dont you realize its important!! thats why its in there in the first place!
and i also want to mention that theres a giveaway! at my messy nest .

Friday, September 5, 2008

my vow

"i meant what i said and i said what i meant, an elephant's faithful 100%"- horton hears a who

well as promised my mom had my dad e mail me this charming portrait of 7 yr old me in second grade. i hope youre happy, im scarred for life.

but i do look happy to be having my picture taken with my new permanent teeth on their way, dont i?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

my foody details

ok , so i see i have a few friends who want to know about the food. 
after the super short and to the point wedding, we were invited to join the couple at a place called Mariah's where we were served (i use serve loosly as it was a reception buffet, so you can get only what you love) appetizers of raw veggies and dip and a cheese tray, the veggie tray had red peppers, cucumbers broccoli cherry tomatoes and of course carrots. im not really sure what kind of dip it was with them but it was creamy and delicious. next we were called to the main meal by the heavenly smell of ham as the wait staff opened the lids of the serving dishes, but i will get to ham in a minute. i almost decided to skip salad since i just ate a bu
nch of veggies but i looked over at the bowl of the bride's 7 yr old neice and she had that bad boy loaded up with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers a little lettuce and cheese and some yummy thick ranch dressing, my bowl ended up looking similar to hers except i threw on what turned out to crunchy roasted black eyed peas, who woulda thought? i loved it!! ok the homeade mac and cheese was good though we all agreed that my MILs is better (love ya mom). i totally loaded up on mashed potatoes with the bits of skin mixed in, i think it was also mixed up with some sour cream and chive because there was no need for butter or salt. the next dish was zuchini and squash, you would think i had enough of that this summer but i had some anyway and it was good stuff. and now the moment you have all been waiting for
                                                           ................. DA DA DA DA....................
                                                               (sing it) hhhhaaaammmm!!!
and good ham it was not too salty, cut it with a fork thinly sliced hamm, with some pineapple, but i didnt eat any of the pineapple. 
then there was carrot cake for desert, it had caramel glaze drizzled over it, yum.
so that was the food.

 oh and i wanted to show you guys this. apparently mr. potato head is trapped in our living room vent and making a vain attempt to get someones attention.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

my schedule

i know what youre thinking, you think im ignoring you, but im not! we were busy busy busy this weekend! i went on friday to get my mani and pedi out in switzerland county by a friend of my aunt's and this entailed my MIL coming out to our place from indy, then going out to mimi's to get her then following grandad out to the womans place so he could show us where it was (the directions include, turn off the paved road and go down past the cow pasture) then spending like 3 hours there with me getting both fingers and toes, my MIL getting fingers then mimi getting her hair trimmed up then MIL getting her bangs trimmed up. although it is way out there, in the county she has a really nice shop in her walk out basement with the pedi chair and foot spa and that is what i really enjoyed. plus she had miniature daschund puppies, so cute! than after we were done we stopped at the amish store for cheese (i heart cheese!)

saturday we had the wedding in bowling green to get to with the whole fam, well, like 10 poeple coming from southern, IN. 3 hour trip turned 6 hour ordeal after a stop at cracker barrell which is apparently where every other carful of hungry travelers also chose to eat. but yum yum and two hours later we were back on the road.

sunday, wedding, nice, quick, thats the way we like it, so we can hurry up and eat. (pics to follow later this week)
it was a super small wedding and lunch was at a historic restaurant and the food was so good!!!
i would include more foody details but this post is getting a little long. so raise your hand if you want more details and i will post more, ummm, maybe tomorrow.

when i will fill you in on the rest of yesterday and today, ok?

well, the boy is suppose to be napping (shyeah) and i just heard a crash!?