Thursday, September 11, 2008

thou shalt not covet

i know you cant help it when you see this, this was a belated birthday present from my dear ol'dad. i got the ipod shuffe for christmas and i LOVE it it was my favorite christmas gift in a really long time but i found that the cord sometimes got in the way, minor annoyance. when i found this headset at the mac store i so wanted it but it was too expensive i couldnt justify the spending when the earbuds worked fine so i just wished and hoped and dreamed until my dad called me and asked me the age old question, "what do you want for your birthday"  and for the first time i think in my LIFE i knew exactly what i wanted (no not a red rider bb gun with a compass and a stock and a thing that tells time) and he must love me best of all because he sweetened the deal with an i tunes gift card! my dad rocks! and it was so cool i dont even care that its 2 months late! love ya daddy!


Ms. Math said...

Your dad is wonderful! What a great gift!

The Dad said...

If it was on time you wouldn't know what to do.

love you sweetcakes

the Dad