Sunday, September 21, 2008

what you missed

two little feet
(i apologize to the person to whom this scroll stoop railing belongs but i couldnt pass up the shot.)
leaving Allways Pottery where we spent an hour or so creating the best dog (Ds) and fish (mine) figurines we could muster. i did have to reiterate, more than a few times, that its not polite to put your brush on someone elses project .

 note: these two pictures i was about to post saturday night (before the storm) and i didnt feel like waiting for them to load so i didnt plan on posting them until sunday after church, but we came home to no power.

now for the ture hi light of the week without power!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY R.H. (also known as the best teen babysitter on the planet!)
D loves her to death, in fact when asked last week   "who's the queen?"   (the correct answer is mommy) he said R.H. of course she got a giggle out of that. WE LOVE YOU, SWEETIE PIE!!

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Ms. Math said...

I love that first photo! So adorable!