Friday, September 19, 2008

goose gets festive

i want to make my goose a little more festive so heres where i take your opinions, the good, the bad (i.e. dress her up like a ninja, you know who you are) and the ugly.  but lets stay away from the flea market "goose outfit" with the cape and hat, ok? shes way too hip for the mainstream.

i need fall and winter ideas so you have your mission should you choose to accept it.


Marci said...

Who would suggest a ninja goose! That's silly! How about Mrs. Clause? Honk Honk Merry Christmas! Oh wait fall...ummm Perhaps a handmade sweater and a knit hat?

Rachel said...

My mother had a giant metal ant that she absolutely loved, and would spend hours at the kitchen table making little construction-paper hats for it. It had a pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving, rabbit ears for Easter, a birthday hat with ribbon streamers, a Santa cap, and probably many more that I can't remember right now. The pilgrim hat was my favorite, followed closely by the bunny ears. :)

Amanda Jo said...

No cape or hat? I was going to suggest the Darkwing Duck outfit...well, I guess she'd be Darkwing Goose.

I think she's beautiful just. the. way. she. is. I wouldn't change a thing!