Tuesday, September 23, 2008

my odd job

inspired by heather at mindless junque i give you... my odd job. it wasnt actually the job that was odd but the family that owned it.
when my hubby was stationed at Ft Hood, TX i was a trained travel agent, so of course i needed to find a travel agency to hire little old me cute as a button but not too savvy on office policy and dress as im shown by my 20/20 hindsight. i was hired by,K, the daughter of the texan owner (here after known as cowboy j) she was that kind of person that just doesnt get me although she was politely nice  i suspect she soon realized she may have hired the wrong gal. she had a chic little bobbed haircut and a banana republic style i wished i could afford (make mine old navy). i on the other hand made my own jewelry and had no idea that i could have tamed these curls with a bit of a styling product. now that i think about it, i wonder why she even hired me. her mother, M, was suspicious and forgetful, not a good combo when you are in the habit of hiding money, the recycling man had more than once brought envelopes of cash that M had hidden in the old ticket stubs and forgotten. M had this dyed red hair that formed a kind of  protective helmet, only the roots touched her head, and it jiggled like cherry jello when she moved her head. now for cowboy j he drove a lincoln continental with horns on the front, like boss hog! cowboy boots, jeans with a sharp crease down the front and of course his hat was cowboy js uniform and along with the old texan dress comes the old texan mentality, which would lead to my downfall.
cowboy j called a staff meeting one thursday afternoon, he asked us all what we would think of implimenting a ticketing fee, for reasons i cant remember now, i opposed the ticketing fee. well, everyone else somehow knew this wasnt a question, it was a statement not meant for opposition. when a cowboy asks a lady a question like this i learned hes only being polite.the next day was payday, K handed me my check at the door gave my the sweater i had on the back of my chair and told me they needed someone with a little more experience, sorry. imagine my confusion.

but thank you God for, my next job which led me to 4 of my bestest friends ever, and my new career.


Ms. Math said...

That's quite the story! Glad to hear it didn't work out. :)

Amanda Jo said...

Wow! Don't you love looking back at something that, at the time, you saw as terrible but now you see it as such a blessing!

I love how the Lord works.