Friday, September 19, 2008

power to the people!

heres how it all started, and the true blogger i am wanted you all to be able to see this once in a lifetime phenomenon, above , thats out the back door 
heres what it looked like going down the hill so we could go over the bridge into KY and get some DQ.
this is the craziest thing i had seen so far that day, the wind was literally picking up the water, i have never seen white caps on the ohio river and hope never to again.

so after having no power for the last 6 days  here are the top 5 best thing about not having power (did i mention it was for 6 days?)

#5 the whole town found out we really CAN live without Mc Donalds (at least for 3 days)

#4 get to go to bed early

#3 the inside of the fridge gets a much needed scrubbing (not fun at the time but at least its all clean and sparkling now)

#2 the Duke Energy weight loss plan, eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches, raw, fresh fruit and drink water for 6 days and we guarantee you will be at least one dress size smaller (side effects include frequent urination and a distaste for peanut butter)

#1 relaxation, you really wouldnt believe how relaxing it is to sit around at night reading quietly by candle light. (i finished off this book about Mother Angelica it was so good, you have to read it.)


mrsmonicasmom said...

yea you did it you survived

Tricia said...

Oh how I know that feeling of relief. When we were without power for 9 days, I realized there were aspects of it I enjoyed. I didn't miss the tv, we did more creative things for entertainment and talked more. I went to bed with the sun and got up as it rose. I did however have serious blog withdrawl.
Welcome back!

Marci said...

You know I took 6 days off to take the kid to grandmas...grandma likes when we have no power! We just got our power back tonight. ahhhh... When I saw the corn husks floating across 71 I thought I was in a really bad horror movie for a minute!

Ms. Math said...

I cannot imagine going for six days with no power! It sounds wonderfully relaxing! I bet I could cross quite a few books off my "to read" list.

Amanda Jo said...

I'm glad you're back!!!