Friday, September 26, 2008


my car hates me.

every time i get out it shocks me when i close the door, i have to prepare for the shock and touch the metal before i close the door or it catches me by surprise.

thats not the kind of surprise that i look forward to.


Heather said...

That CAN be quite shocking. You knew I had to go there.

mrsmonicasmom said...

why not get a steering wheel cover? as it draws closer to winter the air will dry out and it will be worse. or carry a dryer sheet in your car ad whip it with the sheet brfore you touch it.

Ms. Math said...

The same thing happens to me! I hate it, but I would have to say it's better than when the door traps my hair in its mouth.

kate said...

oh I hate that feeling! Luckily its still too humid here for static.