Wednesday, June 29, 2011

if your eyes are on me, youre lookin at country

ya dont see no city when ya look at me
cause country's all i am
i love running bare footed through the ol' corn fields
and i love that country ham. -Loretta Lynn

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ok! i confess!!!!

i know i should get a napkin...but i use my pants anyway.

i sometimes tell my friends that after work i am going to go home and clean/do laundry/put away laundry, all the while knowing that theres a popsicles chance in Tucson that im actually going to do it.

i get irritated when people start their FB status with the word "so". if im in an unusually bad mood i will protest it by not reading their status.

i wont wear new clothes until they have been washed. what if some manufacturing chemical causes me to get a rash? i also dont like buying something that has obviously been tried on by someone else.

i only eat ice pops made with real fruit juice. once i tasted a freezie pop that was chemicaly tasting and it totally spoiled it for me.
(also i just re-read the last sentence and had to correct the word ice pops from ice poops)

Monday, June 27, 2011

the weekend

Friday Fourth Friday Shop and Hop, although there was no hop, the trolley driver must have had something come up, so there were no trolley rides.

D managed to get 2 free baloons from river valley financial bank.

later in our walk, when his feet were tired i told him i would only give a piggy back ride to one balloon.
he set the red one free and waved it off.

our trip to Danville, KY to visit Tricia who was visiting Gram (her mom). dominic and i got to meet more of Tricias family, her brother Ken and nephew Gavin.
dominic takes fire safety very seriously, at leats as seriously as Fire Marshall Ken Pflug, whose hat he is wearing.
in this shot, the bell set him running.

we were TIRED by sunday and spent the day recouperating from our day trip.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

our big news!

since some of you are FB friends you may already know:

we have had 2 appointments so far and since i have had past problems the doctor has done ultrasounds both times. the head is on the left, the butt is on the right, its like its laying on its back.
He/she was kicking the little foot stub (right top little bump) while the doctor was doing the ultrasound we saw and heard the hear beating very well, the doctor is well pleased but still wants to see me back in 2 weeks, just to be sure he/she is still growing well. i dont mind it means i get another picture of my little pumpkin seed.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

dress code

last week while talking to super teen babysitter she mentioned the new dress code for her high school.
apparently things had gotten WAY out of hand clothes wise and the administrators had BIG decicions to make regarding the way that the students and teachers were dressed.
super teen babysitter dresses modestly for a young lady her age (17)
wearing mostly tee shirts, athletic pants , jeans and hoodies. she spoke of how even she was sometimes shocked by what her class mates wore to school. skirts that could barely be classified as a butt cover much less a skirt, plunging tops that reveal not only clevage but actual breasts. camis (in my opinion a cami is underwear) with flimsy straps, pajama shorts, shorty shorts that show cheek, etc, you get the picture.
for the guys there were the quitessential muscle tee held together with only an inch or so of fabric at the bottom showing pretty much the whole chest and arm pit... hair and all. ewww
baggy shorts barely clinging to the guy's back side also made a daily appearance. as did ripped torn pants that showed too much skin.

this year the party is supposedly over.
the new dress code states
*no damaged clothing, no rips, no tears, no cuts, no "distressing"
*no skirts or shorts above the knee.
this should be interesting, i see outraged moms who cant find suitable shorts and skirts for their formerly leg baring daughters. but...i say shorts are unnecessary as the school has air conditioning and all of MY skirts hit my knee and are cute.
* no shoulder showing. guys or girls, no tanks, no muscle shirts and NO camis as shirts.
*no cleavage, at all, none, heres where the camis come into play.
*no open toed sandals.
*no pajamas.

if this is, in fact, enforced i applaud the South Western Jefferson County Schools. it should not have had to get as bad as it got for someone to say "Hmm, lets do something about this problem of our young ladies looking like street walkers".
Modesty should be taught from a young age and while not all of the girls like this dress code, they all need this as a first step toward learning to respect themselves.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

i got shoes

just when i needed them... sandals on sale at our teeny tiny local Penney's. they are very comfortable, they dont rub my feet the wrong way and theyre pretty.
last weekend there was a car show, we strolled looking at all the pretty cars...and this...the one Dominic liked. he is showing you his muscles.

we had a fun but busy weekend last weekend, this weekend hasnt been as busy, we have been spending time sitting around at home watching movies because its 95 degrees outside. who wants to go out when its that hot? not me.