Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ok! i confess!!!!

i know i should get a napkin...but i use my pants anyway.

i sometimes tell my friends that after work i am going to go home and clean/do laundry/put away laundry, all the while knowing that theres a popsicles chance in Tucson that im actually going to do it.

i get irritated when people start their FB status with the word "so". if im in an unusually bad mood i will protest it by not reading their status.

i wont wear new clothes until they have been washed. what if some manufacturing chemical causes me to get a rash? i also dont like buying something that has obviously been tried on by someone else.

i only eat ice pops made with real fruit juice. once i tasted a freezie pop that was chemicaly tasting and it totally spoiled it for me.
(also i just re-read the last sentence and had to correct the word ice pops from ice poops)


diana bluml said...

lol ice poops

Holly said...

Great post! Sometimes if I'm too lazy to get a napkin, I use my socks. I figure no one sees them anyway. Ice pops are definitely better than ice poops. ;)