Thursday, June 23, 2011

our big news!

since some of you are FB friends you may already know:

we have had 2 appointments so far and since i have had past problems the doctor has done ultrasounds both times. the head is on the left, the butt is on the right, its like its laying on its back.
He/she was kicking the little foot stub (right top little bump) while the doctor was doing the ultrasound we saw and heard the hear beating very well, the doctor is well pleased but still wants to see me back in 2 weeks, just to be sure he/she is still growing well. i dont mind it means i get another picture of my little pumpkin seed.


Holly said...

Oh Monica, I am so happy for you and your family! Praying that you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

diana said...

:) said...

So excited for you!! :)