Friday, April 29, 2011

nerd alert

after a not so great visit to the wal mart optical ( the dr is great for adults, kids, not so much) we took Dominic to Dr Lisle who did his initial vision screening at school. Dr Lisle determined that Ds eye muscles were weak and working extra hard to focus at a distance which translates to uber hard work focusing close up.
he says theres a good chance that we can strengthen those muscles because he is still so young. Dominic goes back in a month to see if theres even a slight improvement, then back in 6 months to hopefully change the prescription.


Amanda Jo said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Ethan gets to go to the eye doctor soon. I've been thinking, our boys should be pen pals. You know, the old fashioned kind with real letters. :)

Ken said...

I love the pen pall idea!

hilltopper said...

Amanda! that would be awesome! Lets!!