Thursday, April 7, 2011

another shirt makeover

im on a roll!! i have had this shirt for a few months now. i have never worn it. why?

see, its a bit wide at the bottom. this was a problem. i bought it at my favorite store ever. Ann Taylor? NO, silly, i cant afford to shop there!! Good Will.
i LOVE Ann Taylor, the fabrics are so nice and soft, the colors are always the best of the season (in my small town opinion) and i comb our local good will for someone elses Ann Taylor cast offs. so im sure Ann would have a bone to pick with me, since she isnt seeing any of the profits from my love affair with her designs. and i am proud to say that my closet full of Ann Taylor clothes has cost me less than 100 bucks in the last year. yay for frugality.
so heres what i did to correct the problem with this beautiful top.
what do ya think?
SUPER easy, the most difficult part was winding the bobbin with the elastic thread, it kept getting away from me.
you have to hand wind the elastic thread so its wound fairly tightly, so that when you stitch with it, it springs back and creates the gathers.
i started stitching around the bottom and just kept sitiching following the last row as a guide, around, and around and around, without stopping, its one continuous line of stitches. how much easier could that have been
what will she make over next?


Tricia said...

You did a fantastic job on that.

Marci said...

I could never sew with elastic thread very well. Now know why! Thanks! I will wind that bobbin tight next time!

Amanda Jo said...

Girl, you are good!!!!!!!! I think that looks great!!!

Holly said...

LOVE what you did with the shirt! And how cute are you wearing it?! (VERY!)